NYFA Acting, Screenwriting, Documentary and Producing MFA, BFA, & AFA Graduates Receive Degrees

September 28, 2015

Saturday, September 19th was a big day for New York Film Academy Los Angeles Acting, Screenwriting, Documentary, and Producing students who received their MFA, BFA, and AFA degrees in the morning at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood. The graduates processed into the commencement ceremony dressed in cap and gown as family and friends, filling the 400-seat house, proudly looked on. Speaking and presenting diplomas as they presided over the graduation were Chair of Screenwriting Nunzio DeFilippis, Chair of Acting Lynda Goodfriend, Chair of Producing Tony Schwartz, Dean of Students Eric Conner, Chair of Documentary Barbara Multer-Wellin, and Associate Chair of Screenwriting Adam Finer.

adele lim
Adele Lim, Guest Speaker

Adele Lim, the ceremony’s commencement speaker, known for writing and producing TV series such as One Tree Hill, Reign, Private Practice, and Life Unexpected among many others, delivered an extremely inspirational and often humorous speech that primed graduates to get out and conquer the entertainment industry. That evening the graduates and their guests enjoyed a chic after party at the Andaz Hotel’s Riot House Restaurant on the Sunset Strip.

MFA in Acting

  • Tamara Bunker
  • Patrice Driver
  • Jasmine Harris
  • Charlotte Makala
  • Maria Luisa Martins
  • Anthony McBride
  • Phuthi Ngwenya
  • Lucia O’Brien
  • Amber Nicole Rivette
  • Sheila Robinson
  • Paul Romero
  • Chiffon Valentine
  • Norhanne Yessayan

BFA in Acting

  • Victor Akintunde
  • Luis Alberto Alvarez Medrano
  • Sean Babapulle
  • Conner Blake
  • Lynn Braem
  • Rosaria Cianciulli
  • Gunner Coulter
  • Ricardo Cruz
  • Mehdi Dumartin
  • Julia Eckert
  • Patrick Ferroni
  • Selina Fraga
  • James Gaines
  • Chanelle Garrett
  • Madigan Haggerty
  • Jean-Baptiste Hakim
  • John Hardisty
  • Christopher Huff
  • Ayse Kirca
  • Michael Kunselman
  • Andrea Guillianna Martinez
  • Rene Rose Nault
  • Queenian Nneka Okagu
  • Maija Ozolina
  • Eleanor Patrikios
  • Christopher Pineiro
  • Kimberly Romano
  • Victor Daniel Rosas Martinez
  • Chandler Smith
  • Sean Spencer
  • Yulia Yusupova
AFA in Acting

  • Guy Bailey
  • Olivia Ekelund
  • Ignacia Quappe
  • Ian Sanphy
  • James Turpin

MFA in Screenwriting

  • Heather Hult
  • Vijayasarathy Mayalagu
  • John Russo
  • Daniel Wayne Smith

BFA in Screenwriting

  • Lucas Snoey

AFA in Screenwriting

  • Markel Hill
  • Daniel James Hunt
  • Jinghui Jia
  • Christopher Kühne

MFA in Documentary

  • Mohammed Basurah
  • Xiao Chen
  • Kai Lu
  • Ivoree Myles
  • Seojong Park
  • Ma. Abigail Prieto
  • Tiffany Toulze

MFA in Producing

  • Anishka Alles
  • Talal Alshehail
  • Ignacio Campos
  • Natasha Pineda
  • Fernanda Rouchou Malta
  • Chuhan Wang
  • Li Xia