NYFA Gold Coast Q&A With Vice President of Queensland Branch of the Australian Cinematography Society (ACS)

October 2, 2017

This September, Vice President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Cinematography Society Hemma Kearney gave a Q&A at the NYFA Gold Coast campus. Hemma is an internationally renowned filmmaker and cinematographer. She has traveled the world as a cinematographer and produces films for small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and multi-national companies.

With over 10 years industry experience, Hemma discussed how her ethos in all things filmmaking is to break the rules and deliver a strong message using the tools of filmmaking.

She’s worked on major feature films, notably “The Chronicles of Narnia,” but was inspired to make her own films. This led her to create her own production company, Show + Tell Productions.

Hemma has since become the vice president of the QLD Australian Cinematographer’s Association branch. She lectures around the world on her travels, inspiring young filmmakers to also explore outside of the filmmakers average toolkit or boundaries.

After the Q&A at NYFA’s Gold Coast campus, July Advanced Filmmaking student Rosie Spooner stated, “I feel really inspired and motivated to pursue my career as a female cinematographer. Hearing Hemma talk about her experiences has made me feel determined to work hard to make it happen.”

July Advanced Filmmaking student Rob Caccaviello agreed: “Having Hemma Keanery in our presence was not only a great experience, but an awesome opportunity for us.”

He continued, “It was inspiring to listen to someone who’s created their own success at this age. Having her share her journey with us as aspiring filmmakers was a huge privilege. Her success came with a great sense of passion, determination and commitment, values which she encouraged us to embrace.”