NYFA Grad’s “Ore Ru” Premieres in Paraguayan Theaters

January 4, 2016

On December 25th, 2015, the documentary Ore Ru premiered in Paraguay at theaters nationwide. The film, from up and coming director Armando Aquino, captures Pope Francis’ latest visit to Paraguay in July of 2015. Ore Ru was produced by the production company Maneglia Schembori, where New York Film Academy graduate Mariana Pineda was put in charge of production.

ore ru

The 75-minute film recounts the wait for the Pope’s arrival in Paraguay from the prospective of four different Paraguayans:

  1. Gaby, a 13-year-old girl from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Asuncion
  2. Mafe, a 16-year-old girl who fights a terminal disease
  3. Margarita, a 53-year-old indian native from the Ache community who fights for the survival of her culture
  4. Tati, an 18-year-old survivor from one of the greatest tragedies in Paraguayan history, Ycuá Bolaños

“The film presents these four very different viewpoints that portray how we are and how we feel as Paraguayans,” said Pineda. “And, above all, it shows how far are we willing to go for what we believe. Because this film is more about the four stories that are recounted here than about the Pope itself, we were very involved in these women’s lives. We were very touched because they all fight their own battles and still, they have so much hope and they fight every single day. It really was an amazing, touching and humbling experience. And even though it has the Pope as the main focus, it’s not just a religious movie — people from all backgrounds and beliefs can watch it and not feel as if we are trying to send a religious message.”

As a producer at the production company, Maneglia Schembori, which includes Paraguayan film directors Tana Schembori and Juan Carlos Maneglia, Pindea is currently developing the comedy-adventure film Los buscadores (Seekers), their follow-up to 2012’s box office and festival hit action thriller 7 Boxes.