NYFA Instructor Claudia Raschke is DP for ‘Fauci,’ ‘My Name Is Pauli Murray’ & ‘Julia’


UPDATE: NYFA Documentary Filmmaking Instructor Claudia Raschke is Director of Photography (DP) for the new series Land of the Giants: Titans of Tech premiering on CNN+.

Following her work on the Oscar-nominated documentary, RBG and the Emmy and Sundance-winner, Boys State, cinematographer and NYFA Filmmaking Instructor Claudia Raschke has three new films out this Fall: Fauci, My Name Is Pauli Murray, and Julia

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke (above)

The National Geographic Documentary Film Fauci follows the life and career of Dr. Anthony Fauci through his experiences as an infectious disease specialist and his response to AIDS, Ebola viruses, and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. Raschke shares about her experience filming on Fauci: “I was in awe of the huge responsibility and leadership Dr. Anthony Fauci shouldered for our nation. Keeping his brilliant mind sharply focused in a highly politicized COVID-19 pandemic made me see what it takes to be a legend.” 

Following its premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, the film was released in theatres and is now available for streaming on Disney+.

Fauci Claudia Raschke on Set

NYFA Filmmaking Instructo, Claudia Raschke (left) on set filming Dr. Anthony Fauci for the documentary ‘Fauci.’

Raschke recently teamed up once again with female co-directing team Julie Cohen and Betsy West to shoot My Name Is Pauli Murray. After premiering in January at the Sundance Film Festival, the documentary feature has since been picked up by Amazon. 

My Name is Pauli Murray captures the forgotten but brilliant queer, Black legal scholar and activist, Pauli Murray, who influenced former Supreme Court justices Thurgood Marshall and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Raschke added that “Capturing the passionate determination of civil rights activist Pauli Murray makes me appreciate how far we have come and how important it is to pass the knowledge over to the next generation because the fight is not over.” 

The film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke (right) on set filming for ‘Julia.’

Julia, a portrait of groundbreaking chef Julia Child, which Variety noted was “richly shot by Claudia Raschke,” premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in September. Once again, working with co-directing team Cohen and West, Raschke noted how Julia has impacted her as a cinematographer, “The joie de vivre and culinary passion of Julia Child made it possible to find adventure, romance, and a trailblazing career. It revolutionized the way Americans eat and created a new role model for women. She is such an inspiration to me, and my career as a cinematographer, in which 96% are men, and only 4% are women according to the latest Celluloid Ceiling report of 2020.”

Julia is now out in theatres. 

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke

NYFA Filmmaking Instructor, Claudia Raschke (above)

Raschke has been a Faculty Member of the NYFA Documentary Filmmaking Department since 2014. Amanda Brzezowski, Assistant Chair of the Filmmaking Department, Documentary Division describes Raschke, “Not only is Claudia an incredibly talented cinematographer, she’s also an exceptional teacher. Our students love learning from her and getting to work with her as they develop their own cinematic and visual approach.”

New York Film Academy congratulates Claudia on all her successes and hits this Fall.


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Published on: November 22, 2021

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