Porcella to Screen at Cannes Short Film Corner

March 12, 2013

porcellaNew York Film Academy 1-Year Filmmaking graduate Natalia Chinchilla will be screening her thesis film Porcella at Cannes Short Film Corner. The film surrounds a woman, Lucia, who has kept a secret from her husband for ten years. After the husband invites their close friend Porcella to celebrate their anniversary, Lucia builds up the courage to confess her secret and finally free herself once and for all. The title, Porcella, comes from the Italian word for “porcelain.” As Natalia says, “Porcelain can be broken at anytime and that is very symbolic to the character.”

Natalia is now working on a web series with Paola Mathé, who plays the role of Porcella in her thesis film. The series, Finding Paola, revolves around the underground movement of Latin Americans in New York City. “New York makes you grow confident as a human being,” says Natalia.

While Natalia eventually intends to move back to her hometown of Colombia, she feels her training at NYFA was necessary. “I definitely recommend the hands-on training. It’s also great to shoot films with filmmakers from many different cultures.”