NYFA Instructors Shoot “The Sisters Karras” (2022 Festival Update)

July 21, 2022

The Sisters Karras is a compelling film about two estranged half-sisters, a will reading, a valuable antique rug, and a mysterious stranger. The film has deep roots in the NYFA community, with NYFA Acting for Film and Filmmaking instructor Micah Stathis and his SK Deli Market Productions at the helm of the production. It also includes New York campus instructors Dennis Green and Andy Mendez amongst the film’s cast and crew.

Poster for “The Sisters Karras”

Shooting The Sisters Karras

The film, shot last Summer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, is an original feature written, directed, and starring Stathis. NYFA’s Post-Production Supervisor, Andy Mendez, serves as the main editor of the film, and joining Stathis in the cast is NYFA Screenwriting instructor Dennis Green.

Photo courtesy of Micah Stathis

The shoot itself proved challenging for the crew as safety took precedent with the filming during the pandemic. 

“It was very stressful shooting during the pandemic,” explained Stathis. “We were a SAG registered production, so the COVID protocols were very strict and required a lot of additional planning and precautions. Not to mention, it’s really hot shooting in New York in August…especially while having to wear masks!”

Post-Production and The Kickstarter Campaign

With the production wrapped, The Sisters Karras went into the post-production phase. Like many filmmakers know, shooting the film is half the battle, with a huge part of the filmmaking process dedicated to putting all the finishing touches on the project and getting the film out in the public eye.

Micah Stathis (Right)

“I hope that audiences enjoy the tragicomic tone and nature of the film. I hope audiences find the story of the two sisters captivating, funny, and stressful but ultimately, relatable,” shared Stathis.

Photo courtesy of Micah Stathis

“We are definitely aiming for a festival run with an eye towards sales and distribution. We have already been in dialogue with a few distribution companies who are waiting for the film to be ready. We do not want to rush the post-production process and want to make sure the film is, ultimately, as good as it can possibly be. That’s why we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign specifically for post-production,” said Stathis at the original posting time of this article. 

New York Film Academy congratulates the instructors who banded together to create a feature film safely in the middle of the pandemic. 

2022 Festival Update

In 2022, The Sisters Karras is starting its festival run, screening live at Deep in the Heart Film Festival in Waco, Texas, and with doing a multi-city tour with The Greek International Film Festival in Canada in October. The film is also screening at the 2022 Chain NYC Film Festival.

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