Vogue Photography Director Speaks at NYFA

November 28, 2012

The New York Film Academy Photography School was honored to host a guest lecture by industry figure Ivan Shaw, long-time photography director at US Vogue magazine. Mr. Shaw shared the story of his own surprising career path, anecdotes about working with some of the greatest photographers in the fashion world, and urged students to find and stay true to their own creative voice.

“Among his many invaluable tips, what created the most vivid impression was Mr. Shaw’s admonition to ‘live or die by your work,’” states Brian Dilg, chair of the photography program. “He repeatedly urged students to develop a unique approach that they hadn’t seen done already, cautioned against the temptation to imitate even one’s greatest heroes, and to stick by an individual method and style even if you have never seen it published anywhere yet.”

In addition to delivering a presentation and answering questions from students, Mr. Shaw also generously met with a small group of selected alumni to review individual portfolios and provide in-depth, personal feedback and career advice.

“It was a truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone at the top of the photography field in an intimate setting,” stated Dilg. “We are very grateful to Mr. Shaw for his exceptionally generous willingness to give back to the photography community, as well as his interest in discovering new talent and producing consistently stunning work in the pages of Vogue.”