Watch Broadcast Journalism Chair’s WWII Doc ‘So Very Far From Home’

August 11, 2015

Eight years ago, New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism Chair, Bill Einreinhofer produced a documentary called So Very Far From Home. The documentary is about innocent American, British, Australian and Dutch children who were sent to prison camps in Japanese-occupied China during World War II. The camps were places of hunger, disease, brutality and death. A fictionalized version was the basis of Steven Spielberg’s epic film Empire of the Sun.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the rescue of these child-prisoners, Einreinhofer hopes to share the documentary to new viewers via social media as a way to remember, and commemorate, a forgotten bit of history.

With the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II rapidly approaching, this is probably the last opportunity to get this story out!

You can watch the documentary trailer below or the documentary in its entirety here.


So Very Far From Home from Bill Einreinhofer on Vimeo.