NYFA Welcomes Hong Kong Director Adam Wong

July 6, 2016

New York Film Academy welcomed Hong Kong director Adam Wong as part of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York (HKETONY) program, which showcased nine distinguished Hong Kong films in New York. The program is an integral part of the current New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), which is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Adam Wong
Director Adam Wong at New York Film Academy

Wong shared his debut feature film, When Beckham Met Owen, which is about two thirteen-year-old boys, David and Michael, who are brought together by their mutual love of soccer. United by their obsession with the game and idolization of British soccer stars, the boys build a strong friendship. But as puberty brings about changes, the boys start to grow in separate directions. While David loves to talk about sex and other raunchy topics, Michael tries to avoid such conversations. Eventually, Michael must face what he’s been avoiding for some time—that his feelings for David are becoming increasingly complex.

Wong shot his first feature of off a $30k budget, which he was able to raise from actor Eric Tsang while working on set of Infernal Affairs 2. From there Wong moved on to his second feature, Magic Boy, a Mongkok-set youth romance that takes place in the world of amateur magicians. Wong spent the next four years after Magic Boy looking for an investor to finance his third feature, The Way We Dance, which also captured the spirit of youth with its tale of hip-hop street dancers. It was an unexpected box office hit on release in the summer of 2013, scoring more than HK$10 million (US$1.3 million) at the Hong Kong box office.

Over the years Wong says, “I’m trying to be more patient and believe in my initial intention.”

With his latest film, She Remembers, He Forgets, Wong enters a more mature phase of his career.