You’re Invited to the 2013 NYFA Documentary Film Festival

September 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2011
Screening at 6:00pm
Reception to Follow
The Screening Room
NYFA’s Union Square campus
100 East 17th Street
New York, New York 10003

Why did Lauraʼs father live in a trailer in the familyʼs backyard? Join her quest for answers buried somewhere in her parentsʼ accidentally famous love story, her fatherʼs dark corner of the Vietnam War, and in her own childhood. Experience a new but strangely familiar tenement era with a couple striving to live “The Chinese Dream” in the slums of Beijing. Battle for the title with Joey “The Dragon” Vitale as he bets his honor, his sonʼs admiration and his pro career on one last amateur bout. Witness the birth of a legend when local boogieman, The North Pond Hermit, turns out to real – but wonʼt talk – leaving the people of Rome, Maine to piece his story together for themselves. And prepare for lifeʼs strange and shocking twists as Williamʼs released to rebuild his life after 23 ½ years locked up in Sing Sing for a murder he didn’t commit; and when Danonʼs Mom takes a break from gardening, cooking and feeding animals on the family farm – to confess her secret life at the kitchen table. In short, enjoy the unique, young voices of NYFAʼs Documentary Department, whoʼve combined the art of storytelling with the craft of filmmaking to recount a rich variety of marvelous true tales.

The Films:

  • THE COST by Kai Lu
  • LEAVETAKING by Laura Snow
  • THE HERMIT – by Lena Friedrich
  • 23 ½ by Aitor Mendilibar
  • MOM by Danon Cardelli
The Cost by Kai Lu
The Cost by Kai Lu