History and Theory Courses for Graduate Degrees

Required Courses
for Graduate Degrees

Graduate students enrolled in our Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Master of Arts (MA) degree programs are required to take from one to four History and Theory courses in the History of Art, Theatre and Media.

In these courses, students are challenged to develop knowledge in the history and traditions of the forms and fields in which they work, as well as the creative trends of the present and innovative ideas for the future. Students gain an understanding of how their own works fit into the traditions of film and theatre, as well as inspiration to help them strengthen their own identify as a visual artist.

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Graduate History and Theory
Courses and Projects

In addition to their studio and production courses, graduate students take History and Theory classes such as:

  • Cinema Studies
  • Drawing Technique for Storyboarding
  • Theories of Adaptation: Playwrights & Screenwriters
  • Theory & Practice of the Great Screenplays
  • Survey of Animation

In these classes, students work on a range of projects, such as Drawing Techniques for Storyboarding, Film Analysis Presentation, and more.