Liberal Arts and Sciences

Requirements for
Undergraduate Degrees

At NYFA, we believe that a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences is invaluable to the development of a visual storyteller. Depending on the degree program, students are required to complete a number of LAS or History credits in order to graduate.

These courses include studies in Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, History of Art, Theatre and Media, as well as Foundation Studies. Following NYFA’s project-based, immersive approach, courses are tailored to the discipline, allowing students to broaden their studies and building transferable and practical skills while building essential knowledge in their field.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences
for Bachelor Degrees

Undergraduate students enrolled in our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs will take courses in the Arts and Humanities, the History of Media, and the Social and Natural Sciences. These courses emphasize critical thinking and college-level writing skills and research, and are designed to inform and expand their development in narrative and cinematic storytelling, as well as the visual arts programs offered at NYFA. The amount of courses required varies by program. For more information, please see our course catalog.

Bachelor Degree
LAS Courses and Projects

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) students take several required Liberal Arts and Sciences courses tailored to the discipline. A few examples include:

  • African American Film & Television History
  • Media & Society
  • Science in the Movies
  • The Effective Artist: Critical Concepts in the Arts
  • The History of Theatre
  • The History of Animation
  • The History of Women in Film, Television & Theatre
  • The History of Video Games
  • Topics in Film Studies
  • Topics in Queer StudiesTopics in Literature I: Creative Writing

In addition, students take required Bachelor’s degree foundation courses, including First Year Seminar and English Composition. Students work on projects such as a Culture Awareness Presentation, Microwave Blockbuster, Ethically Notable Game Proposal, and more. For more information, please see our projects page.

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Associate of Fine Arts
History Courses

Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) students are required to take select history-based courses tailored to their area of study. The courses are specifically designed to support their program’s curriculum and helps develop research, critical thinking, and college-level writing skills. For more information, please see our course catalog.

Associate of Fine Arts
History Courses and Projects

Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) History courses may include:

  • Introduction to Film Aesthetics
  • Screenwriters & Playwrights
  • Shakespeare
  • History of Acting
  • The Great Playwrights
  • Principles of the Great Screenplays
  • History of Video Games
  • Ethics of Video Games

For more information about the types of projects that students may complete, please see our projects page.

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