New York Campus & Online Workshops

Carlye Bowers
Director of Campus Life and Title IX Coordinator
17 Battery Pl, 5th Fl, Office 501 / 212.674.4300

Los Angeles Campus

Susana Soto
Associate Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator
3300 Riverside Dr., Room 114 / 818-333-3577

South Beach Campus

Carlye Bowers
Interim Title IX Coordinator / 212.674.4300

NYFA is committed to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence throughout the NYFA community.

On each NYFA campus there is a person, known as the Title IX Coordinator, who has special training in helping students who are facing issues related to sexual harassment and assault. NYFA’s Title IX Coordinators are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day responsibilities of enforcing the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Title IX Grievance Policy. Responsibilities include coordination of training, education, communications about, and administration of the Policies, and assisting the Complainant and Respondent (Parties) in applying the appropriate NYFA policy to the alleged conduct. Title IX Coordinators collaborate with appropriate NYFA staff to implement supportive measures and help to effectively end sexual misconduct in a prompt and equitable manner.