10 Essential Twitter Accounts for Illustrators

January 28, 2015

When you imagine Alice in Wonderland, most likely you bring to mind John Tenniel’s iconic illustrations of the bizarre characters which inhabited the book’s pages (or possibly the classic 1951 Disney animated imagining of them). For decades before and since, illustrators have been bringing characters to life and create rich visuals worlds in numerous industries from animated movies to video games.

If you’re an illustrator working in the field or currently studying at illustration school, here are some Twitter accounts worth following.

10 Essential Twitter Accounts for Illustrators

New York Film Academy

Because NYFA offers a one-year program in illustration, our Twitter account is a good source of information for illustrators and visual content creators.


Want to be inspired by other artists or to share your work? InspireFirst is an open publishing platform for artists to display their work, making them a worthy entry in the list of most essential Twitter accounts for illustrators the world over.


The Association of Illustrators is a trade association that promotes and serves illustration professionals. Follow AOI’s Twitter stream for news, advice, and open positions related to illustration.


Pictoplasma promotes character design by publishing character collections and arranging conferences and events around the world. If you illustrate characters, this account is a must-follow.

Directory of Illus.

Another online community for illustrators, the Directory of Illustration Twitter stream posts links to articles, interviews, award announcements, and striking examples of recent illustrations.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Today’s illustrators are as likely to use a computer as they are a pen or brush, and Adobe’s suite of design programs is the industry standard for visual content creation.

Cartoon Museum

Based in the UK, the Cartoon Museum collects and exhibits British cartoons from the 18th century to today. If you’re an illustrator with an interest in cartoons, this account will appeal to you.

Polly & Chris

Wrap Magazine highlights outstanding examples of contemporary illustration, focusing especially on novel stationary, greeting cards, and wrapping paper.

Michael Kutsche

Michael Kutsche has done work for Disney, Dreamworks, and Marvel, to name a few. He  also illustrated the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat for Tim Burton’s production of Alice in Wonderland, and the insight he offers from the upper echelons of the industry make this one of the most essential Twitter accounts for illustrators to follow.


Some of the best work in illustration is found in children’s books. This Twitter account showcases the work and portfolios of contemporary illustrators for children’s literature.