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A student practices illustration at NYFA's illustration school

Illustration School

Illustrators use graphical representation to give life to our imagination and the world around us. They are visual poets who are able to project the ideas of filmmakers, architects, fashion designers, authors, and many other creative individuals. At the New York Film Academy’s Illustration School, students not only learn the essentials of illustration in drawing, painting, and digital imaging techniques, but they also learn how to apply their skills to a variety of genres and industries and develop the entrepreneurial know-how to achieve their professional goals.

In the Academy’s illustration programs, the curriculum reflects and emphasizes the changing landscape of illustration, with students becoming immersed in the digital hardware and software that are standards of the industry. Our illustration school combines in-class instruction in the essential concepts of illustration with instructor-guided workshops and course assignments that will challenge each student to push his or herself to become a talented and in-demand illustrator.

Like other top illustration schools, NYFA is dedicated to developing the next generation of visual illustrators. You have the dream, let us give you the skills to turn it into a career.

Illustration Courses

Upon enrolling in the Illustration School at the Academy, students will take many of the following illustration courses depending on their program*.

Drawing: Form, Space & Perspective Painting: Light, Color & Matter
Materials & Techniques for Illustrators Illustration in Context: Audience & Application
Digital Illustration Survey Text to Image
Anatomical Figure Drawing Entrepreneurial Business Practices for Illustrators
Technical Workshop: 3D Illustration Technical Workshop: Mixed Media, Collage & Assemblage
Introduction to Typography The Illustrator in Society
Visualizing the Sciences Series Illustration Journalism
Sketchbooks & Visual Journalism Pictorial Personae: Modes of Characterization
2D Design & Fundamentals of Color Hybrid Imaging: Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustration
Self-Publishing: Zines & Comics Illustrating for Interactivity
Building a Portfolio Character & Concept Art for Entertainment
*Please choose the Illustration Program listed below to review its specific course offerings.

Illustration Classes

Students wishing to study illustration at the Academy can enroll throughout the year in either one of our programs. More information on the start dates and tuition for each illustration class can be viewed here.

Illustration Degree

Designed for students who wish to focus their undergraduate education on illustration while also receiving a solid foundation in the arts and sciences, the Academy offers the following BFA illustration degree program.

Illustration Program

Whether you wish to learn the fundamentals of illustration or develop existing skills, the following One-Year Illustration Program is available to students of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Academy’s illustration programs, you can contact our NYC campus at +1 (212) 674-4300, our LA campus at +1 (818) 333-3558, or follow the links below.

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