6 Jobs That Require Graphic Design Training

Today’s aspiring graphic designer has many different field choices where they can use their skills to earn a living. Books, apparel, marketing, product packaging, and magazines are just some of the things graphic designers are getting paid to create. Using both your hand-drawing skills and computer software knowledge, here are some jobs where your graphic design training will serve you well.

Web Design

These days it’s almost impossible for a business to gain credibility and instill confidence in potential clients and customers if they don’t have a good website. Of course, it’s often just as damning to have a poor website that leaves a bad impression via terrible user interface or an unattractive look.

Thus, most companies are willing to pay good money for talented graphic designers that know their way around computer graphics and modern internet tech, as well have a good eye for appealing visuals. As a web designer, you’d help develop the graphics, layout, and overall structure of a site. 

Brand Identity

Today, the average person uses the internet and social media more than ever before. Companies are very concerned about how they’re seen in the eyes of countless online viewers. Graphic designers are brought in to help said company establish their visual identity and use it to keep their image fresh in people’s minds. 

Since companies are constantly fighting for attention, there’s a great demand for graphic designers who can follow successful trends while also creating unique and innovative designs that both stand out and convey the right message.

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Photo Editor

You’d be hard pressed to find a major eCommerce business that doesn’t have a graphic designer with photo editing skills in their ranks. By using powerful software like Photoshop, photo editors are able to enhance and transform digital content into whatever suits the company’s needs.

Considering that Photoshop is hands down the most widely used photo editing program, every graphic designer in this day and age should have at least some familiarity with it.

Logo Design

We live in a time when companies and products are often represented by a single image, making their logo more than simply just a symbol. Whether it’s Nike’s swoosh created by Carolyn Davidson or Mcdonald’s golden arches recognized across the globe, history has shown that graphic designers can play a massive role in a company’s visual image. Because of this, businesses have no trouble paying top dollar to have graphic designers either create a memorable new logo or give existing ones a modern facelift.

If you’re after a career in logo design, a good way to get your foot in the door is by working at an advertising agency or graphic design firm. 

Art Director

This is one of the more sought after roles in publishing, fashion, theater, and many other fields, including video game development. That said, the functions of the job title also differ depending on what industry you’re working in. If you’re on the hunt for an art director job that requires graphic design training, a good fit would be in the marketing field.

As an art director, you’d lead a creative team to produce artwork and designs for magazines, television, billboards, and/or websites. Although art directors usually spend their hours overseeing others’ work, having the ability to whip up your own designs is a huge plus

Graphic Design Jobs Graphic Designer

Multimedia Design

If you’re interested in a career option that can take you into just about any field, look no further–from film and television production to animation and theatre set design, companies in the multimedia field are always counting on skilled graphic designers to help them create images, video, sound, and more.  

Although multimedia design jobs are pretty competitive, especially in popular fields, they are also one of the more common jobs where your graphic design training will help you shine.

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