Kids Summer and Weekend Camps




The New York Film Academy is pleased to offer film, acting, game design, photography and animation summer camps for kids (ages 10-13) in one-week and two-week camps during the weekdays in the summer months and on weekends during the school year. We have designed our kids programs with the same high standards that we apply to our high school and university-level programs. Held at the Film Academy’s campuses in Los Angeles and New York City, students learn on professional equipment from instructors with advanced degrees and industry experience.

Students receive a copy of their completed work for their respective camp or program in addition to a certificate upon completion of the program.

The 1-Week and 2-Week Filmmaking, Acting for Film, 3D Animation, Photography and Game Design Summer Camps meet Monday through Friday for the duration of the program. Students should be prepared to devote additional hours of their own time for rehearsal and preparation.

12-Weekend Filmmaking, Acting for Film, 3D Animation and Photography Camps meet for twelve consecutive Saturdays during the school year, offering young filmmakers and actors the opportunity to hone their craft.

Online Workshops

Our online workshops for kids provide an active, creative learning experience where students have the ability to interact with instructors and classmates from all around the world, at home, while also creating original work.

Film Summer Camp

With video cameras now in everything from phones to computers and tablets, we’re seeing more and more kids wanting to learn about the filmmaking process. Our One- and Two-Week Kids Film Camps and Advanced Film Summer Camps provide a supportive and creative environment for aspiring filmmakers to learn not only how to operate a camera and light a scene, but to tell stories that will captivate audiences around the world.

Acting Summer Camp

For those kids who have been bitten by the acting bug or have expressed an interest in acting on film, we offer One- and Two-Week Kids Acting Camps and Advanced Acting Summer Camps where students work with professional actors to learn the fundamental skills and knowhow of the successful actor.

Game Design Summer Camp

With games now more popular and ubiquitous than ever before, our One- and Two-Week Game Design Summer Camps are an ideal outlet for kids who are interested in games to learn about the skills and knowledge that it takes to build their own digital prototypes of original games.

3D Animation Summer Camps

Designed for kids who already love to draw, but want to learn how to create 3D characters, our Kids 3D Animation Summer Camps helps students to both develop their drawing and illustration skills while learning the essentials of 3D animation and storytelling.

Photography Summer Camps

Designed to introduce the next generation of visual artists to the technology and visual language of digital photography, the New York Film Academy’s photography camps for kids are an exciting introduction to creative world of photography. Whether photography campers join us for a one or two weeks or 12 weekend, they will learn on industry-standard digital cameras and software under the guidance of our faculty of working professionals, leaving camp with a copy of their own photography.

Weekend Film, Photography, 3D Animation & Acting Camps

Designed for children who wish to study the crafts of filmmaking and acting for film during the regular school year, the Kids Weekend Film, Photography, 3D Animation & Acting Programs meet for 12 consecutive Saturdays where students learn the fundamentals of their area of study. There is also an advanced version of each program available for those who have previously taken a weekend program at NYFA.

There is no dormitory housing available for the kids programs. Therefore, we only accept students who have made prior arrangements with family or friends.

**Students who have previously attended a one- or two-week camp with us will qualify for the advanced level of the designated camp.

If you need assistance, please contact us immediately at or call us at +1 212-674-4300 (New York), +1 818-333-3558 (Los Angeles), or +1 305-534-6009 (South Beach) so we can assist you.

Please note that curriculum, dates, prices subject to change.

Kids programs do not have a residential option.