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NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: 2017 Year in Review, Episode 38

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Peter Rainer is back to discuss some of his favorite films of the year including Faces Places, 13 Billboards, Call Me By Your Name, The Post, The Shape of Water, The Big Sick, The Phantom Thread, The Last Jedi, and Mo...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer “Some Like It Hot” Deep Dive, Episode 24

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Film critic Peter Rainer is back this week to help us wrap up Pride Month with one of the earliest queer representation in cinema Some Like it Hot. Starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe and directed by...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer Golden Pipes to Silver Screen, Episode 44

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Recounting some of the best singers turned actors throughout Hollywood’s history with film critic Peter Rainer. Follow NYFA on Social Media: @NYFA Guest: Peter Rainer Follow Peter Rainer on Twitter: @PRainerLA Mak...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: Intolerance and D.W. Griffith, Episode 31

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Explore D.W. Griffith’s classic, it’s effect on the film industry, and how it changed the course of story telling. Film critic Peter Rainer breaks it all down. Follow @PegahRad on Twitter! Follow @JoelleMonique on...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: 90th Oscars Recap, Episode 43

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Peter Rainer is back to discuss the 90th Oscars with host Joelle Smith. What impact did Jordan Peel’s speech have on our hosts? Between a Whoopie and the Franco/Hathaway year, how do they rate the Kimmel? And how do t...

NYFA Hour with Peter RainerRecap Best Christmas Movies of All Time, Episode 37

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Film Critic and author or  Rainer on Film returns to the show to discuss his favorite Christmas movies throughout the ages. HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Follow us on Twitter -

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: 20th Anniversary of LA Confidential, Episode 27

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Peter Rainer joins the NYFA Show crew in discussing the history and impact of LA Confidential on it's 20th Anniversary. Follow @PegahRad on Twitter! Follow @JoelleMonique on Twitter! Make sure to subscribe to P...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: The Great Marlon Brando, Episode 19

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Welcome to the New York Film Academy Hour. If this is your first time joining us we’d like to introduce you to Peter Rainer one of the most prolific and exquisite reviewers of cinema alive today. His work has appeared...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: The Art of Film Review, Episode 15

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Often quoted never duplicated Peter Rainer is a master of film critique. Having worked for major publications such as Vulture, Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, and Christian Science Monitor. He joins host Pegah R...