1-Week Video Game Design Summer Camp for Kids

Learn How to Create a Video Game at NYFA

At NYFA’s Game Design School, students can take their enthusiasm for playing video games to the next level in our 1-Week Game Design Camp. In this exciting, all-day summer camp, kids aged 10-13 discover a whole new dimension of gaming, and create their own unique content. Under the guidance of our faculty of professional game designers, students get the encouragement and tools to become creative and inventive storytellers, turning their own original game concept into a playable digital prototype.

Program Description

Camp Name: 1-Week Game Design Camp for Kids

In this dynamic camp, students develop their abilities in systems thinking — an essential foundation for a better understanding in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Students get a fun-filled experience that helps them grow as game designers and creative storytellers. Campers who successfully complete our game design summer camps leave equipped with new skills and an enhanced appreciation for games that fuel their creativity all year round. During the camp, students take classes in Game Design, Narrative Design, Art Direction, Sound Design, and Coding.

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