2-Week Online Summer Filmmaking Camp for Kids II

Hands-on Filmmaking for Kids

In the 2-Week Online Filmmaking Level II Camp for Kids our amazing faculty of industry professionals will help guide returning students in the next steps toward developing their own script, a deeper dive into the pre-production process and directing actors live.

Program Description

Program Name: 2-Week Filmmaking Camp for Kids II – Online

This online filmmaking II program is a great stepping stone for those interested in moving forward with their education and career as a filmmaker, especially those with a focus on writing and directing. Students will leave knowing how to write a more complex script, run casting sessions, a deeper understanding of pre-production and how to direct actors.

Class Descriptions

Writing II – Focused on proper screenplay formatting and detail around characters, action and dialogue, students begin right away with getting their story ideas on the page.

Genre and Styles – A deeper dive into creative filmmaking styles and genres to hone in on each individual filmmaker’s taste and a plan for execution.

Directing II – Preparing filmmakers for how to conceptualize what they will need to make their short teaser as well as more preparation for directing actors.

The Sizzle Reel- A shooting and editing lab used to give students time in class to work on their teasers or director’s reel with the teacher’s guidance and support.

Intro to Producing – Fundamentals of producing. Focusing on producing your own work and what is needed to begin the pre-production process for a short indie film.

Pre-Production Workshop – Fine tuning any last changes on the script made in week one and preparing materials for the next steps of production including; Character breakdowns, synopsis, casting notices.

Casting Workshop – Together with the level II actors, filmmakers will curate and run a comprehensive submission, call back and casting process with the actors from our Acting Level II.

Directing Actors II – An in depth approach on how to work with actors in a creative, respectful and efficient manner to lift the story from the page.

Directing Workshop – Actors and Directors come together to rehearse the new short film scripts they’ve officially cast.

Table Reading – The culmination of both weeks is a live table reading with actors performing the directors final work.

Campers will leave the program with:

  • Experience in screenwriting software
  • A completed short film script
  • A sizzle reel
  • Casting workshop with Actors
  • A live table reading

To learn more about NYFA’s teen camps, visit the NYFA Camp Brochure.


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