2-Week Video Game Design Summer Camp for Kids

Learn How to Create a Video Game at NYFA

In our 2-Week Game Design Camp, kids explore the immersive world of video game design. Similar to all of NYFA’s programs, students in the game design summer camp learn-by-doing, studying under the guidance of our faculty of professional game designers. During the camp, kids aged 10-13 get an introduction to professional-grade tools, and learn the basic skills required to turn their own original idea into a playable digital prototype.

Program Description

Camp Name: 2-Week Game Design Camp for Kids

In this hands-on camp, kids study game design, narrative design, art direction, sound design, and coding. The practice of game design also provides insight into systems thinking — a basic skill that lends itself to a variety of STEM fields.

Throughout the program, campers can expect a fun experience that will challenge them creatively and analytically. Students who successfully complete our camp will find themselves not only more confident in the world of game design, but across countless other disciplines.

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