3-Week Teen Documentary Filmmaking Summer Camp

Learn How to Make a Documentary Film

In our documentary filmmaking summer camp in Los Angeles and New York, students aged 14-17 learn how to make a documentary film. During this summer camp, students build foundational skills in producing, directing, camera, lighting, production sound, and editing as they create their own unique content. Through hands-on training and first-hand experience, students learn vital non-fiction storytelling techniques, how to present and discuss their ideas, as well as receive creative feedback.

Program Description

Camp Name: 3-Week Documentary Camp for Teens

During our documentary filmmaking summer camp, students learn to develop an idea from concept through post-production as they produce and direct non-fiction projects. Throughout the summer camp, students explore documentary techniques, genres, and styles, creating their own original content and short films. These projects include a short observational film, where students tell a story using only moving images, an interview film with dialogue and sound, as well as a final film.

By completing a number of hands-on projects, students learn to use a HDSLR camera, as well as professional lighting, sync and non-sync sound recording equipment. Following the production and post-production of their content, students screen their work with classmates and instructors. To store the large volume of project files, as well as their final project, we recommend that students bring a 500GB – 1TB hard drive.

At the end of the camp, student work is screened in a special presentation for family and friends.

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