4-Week Online Screenwriting Camp for Teens

Learn How To Write a Script at NYFA

In NYFA’s 4-Week Online Screenwriting Camp, students learn-by-doing, writing their own original script and practicing the technical aspects of writing for television and/or film. Students will improve their natural writing abilities under the guidance of our experienced faculty, receiving feedback on their work. The program culminates with the completion of an outline of spec script for an existing TV show, as well as a short script of 7-10 pages.

Program Description

Camp Name: 4-Week Online Screenwriting Camp for Teens

In this hands-on camp, students practice the craft of writing for film or television.

The classes for this program include:

Elements of Screenwriting – A lecture and screening-based class where students learn the basics of writing for film and television. The class will focus on lectures and discussions of films that are watched between classes, as well as scenes that are screened in class. Practice scenes will also be written and workshopped.

Screenwriting – In this class, students will develop an idea for a short film, and then write a draft of the screenplay.

Story Generation – A class focused on how to find ideas. The first two weeks will have writing exercises designed to show students how to find ideas in the world around them, and will include work done on a virtual field trip, such as a tour of a museum. The second half will have students take one of the ideas they develop and create a short treatment for the feature film version of that story.

TV Writers Room – A class where the students come together to form the “writing staff” of an existing TV show, mapping out their version of the next season. Each student will get to write the outline for their episode of the show, a blueprint to write a spec script.

Comedy Writing – A once a week class, with exercises and lessons on the writing of comedy, as well as the skills involved in putting humor into your stories.

Students may need to download software for this workshop and have access to a streaming service. To learn more about our programs, please refer to NYFA’s camp brochure.


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