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Study 3D Animation Techniques at NYFA

In our online 3D animation workshops, students study the twelve basic principles of Animation introduced by the Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in their 1981 book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation. As these principles of animation cover the visual storytelling process in everything from movies to video games, students learn how they can be applied to everyday objects and characters.

While the workshops are designed to be standalone programs that may be taken individually, many students choose to take all three and gain a full spectrum of skills. Module one must be completed prior to taking module two and three. These programs are available for youth aged 10-17.

Module #1: Squash and Stretch Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn squash and stretch, the first principle of animation. It introduces the notion of how a change of shape such as a squash pose to a stretch pose gives the illusion of gravity, weight, mass, flexibility and life into animation. Without squash and stretch, the animation is rigid and stiff to the motion.

Class 1 – Introducing Maya’s interface, hotkeys, graph editor,
Class 2 – Bouncing ball exercise
Class 3 – Bouncing ball squash and stretch exercise
Class 4 – Light and heavy bouncing ball exercise

Module #2: Anticipation, Follow Through and Overlap Workshop

The Anticipation, Follow Through, and Overlap Workshop teaches students the two of the principles of animation. Anticipation which introduces the character getting prepared to perform an action. It prepares the viewer for what’s about to happen. The second principle we will cover is follow through and overlap. This principle helps to render movement more realistically by obeying the laws of physics. Students will learn how to make a pendulum swing and an object jump.

Class 1 – Pendulum exercise
Class 2 – Finishing the Pendulum exercise
Class 3 – Lecture & Jump exercise
Class 4 – Finishing the Jump exercise

Module #3: Walk Cycles Workshop

Students will combine what they learned from squash and stretch, anticipation, follow through and overlap lessons into their walk cycle. Students will learn how to make a character move and walk in their own stylistic ways.

Class 1 – Blocking walk cycle: Hips and Legs
Class 2 – Continuing with blocking walk cycle: Hips and Legs
Class 3 – Polishing walk cycle: Hips and Legs
Class 4 – Finishing the walk cycle

Program Details

In our Online 3D Animation Workshops for Youth, students will need a Microsoft or Mac laptop or desktop computer with a minimum of 16 GB and a three button external mouse. Students will also be downloading a few free/discounted educational software for this program. The course teacher or camps director will reach out to in the few days leading up to the program with specific instructions on how to download these programs. Students must take module one to take two or three.

To learn more about class times and tuition, visit our workshop program details page.


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