Online Acting Classes for Kids

Learn to Act for Film and TV

Acting for film is an exciting, always changing form of expression where students tap into their imagination to create memorable performances. In our Online Acting classes for kids, students aged 10-13 work on establishing the core skills required to perform on-camera, learning the techniques that professional actors use to compete and thrive in the modern world of acting.

Under the supervision of our faculty of experienced actors, filmmakers, and directors, students discover their strengths as performers while learning to act out monologues, deliver strong auditions, and how to create and produce their own content, such as short web films.

Each of our acting workshops cover a different topic of film acting. Students are welcomed to take the workshops individually, and many choose to take all three workshops to build a full spectrum of skills. The programs are currently offered during the academic year on the weekend.

Module #1: Monologues

The most successful actors and performers know how to bring a monologue to life, acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances. During the Monologues online acting class, students learn these professional techniques, learning how to make thoughtful, playful, and surprising choices during their monologues that keep audiences engaged. As a final project, students select and perform a monologue.

Module #2: Fundamentals of TV & Film Auditions

To be competitive in the film, television, and entertainment industries, aspiring actors must deliver memorable auditions. In our Fundamentals of TV & Film Auditions workshop, students learn the fundamentals of on-camera TV and Film auditions. In this intensive class, students focus on scene work, learning how to identify and leverage their strengths as a performer. Students also learn what to expect in a professional audition setting, as well as industry best practices.

Module #3: Exploring Forms of New Media

For aspiring actors who are eager to perform, self-generated content is a great way to gain experience and start creating a professional reel. In our Exploring Forms of New Media online acting class, students explore forms of creative content including web series, online videos, and sketches.

During the hands-on class, students are challenging to write and shoot their own work, working with materials that are available to them at little to no cost. The workshop culminates in a sharing of self-written and produced short form videos.

Program Details

The online classes in this series are available on Saturdays and run for four consecutive Saturdays. Students may enroll in all three workshops or select and complete classes individually. Students are not required to complete one class to attend the next.

To learn more about class times and tuition, visit our workshop program details page.


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