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Overview of New York Film Academy Los Angeles

Offering programs and workshops across the spectrum of visual storytelling disciplines, our Los Angeles campus is located in the heart of Hollywood providing students with endless opportunities to realize their goals in the entertainment industry. With aspiring filmmakers and actors getting to shoot on the Universal Studios backlot and our game design and photography students working in state-of-the-art facilities, students are assured an education like no other.

At the heart of the NYFA in Los Angeles experience is the philosophy of learning by doing. From day one, students can expect to be behind the camera or working on software to create their own original works of art. In every course offered by our Los Angeles campus, students receive hands-on education from our prestigious faculty who combine in-class lectures with supervised workshops and student-guided projects.

Upon completing a program or workshop at our Los Angeles campus, students’ hard work is rewarded with a New York Film Academy degree or diploma depending on whether they attended an MFA*, MA*, BFA*, BA*, or AFA* degree program or a short-term Community Education Program. In addition, their work is displayed in an event open to friends, family, and selected industry guests.

Living in Los Angeles

In addition to the world-class education students receive at the Film Academy in Los Angeles, they also get the added benefits of studying and working in Los Angeles. Located in the Burbank area of Los Angeles—known as the “Media Capital of the World” and home to such institutions as NBC, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and The Walt Disney Company—students are immersed in the heart of the entertainment industry and encouraged to take advantage of the city’s many destinations. Students can expect to experience amazing weather, a rich and multi-cultural populous, and innumerable ties to the entertainment industry.

Los Angeles is a city like no other with rich pockets of culture and breathtaking sights that serve both as great locations for filmmaking and photography students to capture while inspiring the work of our game design and 3D animation students. From urban locations located downtown to the beautiful beaches alongside the Pacific Coast Highway, Los Angeles offers a spectrum of eclectic locales that students will surely enjoy exploring both in their free time and as part of their course work.


One thing that sets NYFA in Los Angeles apart is that our faculty are active professionals in Los Angeles and when not teaching, are actively working in the city’s many entertainment hubs as professional filmmakers, actors, photographers, game designers, VFX artists and more. Thus, they are best suited to provide hands-on instruction to students as they remain active in their own fields and can impart the most up-to-date information, techniques, and trends. In addition to in-class lectures, faculty members oversee workshops to ensure that students understand and can properly operate equipment.


Living in LA requires a car, especially if the student plans to pursue a long-term program in the city. In order to scout locations, transfer crew and equipment or just to go out on the town, it is necessary to drive in LA. However, once you have a car in the city, the possibilities for filming locations opens up enormously. Los Angeles allows for a variety of natural scenes and open spaces, as well as the urban and suburban environments in and around the city.

Course Catalog

Click here to read the Course Catalog detailing our many programs open to prospective students.

Housing Services

There are no NYFA-run dorms in Los Angeles; however, NYFA has a good relationship with Oakwood Apartments, a gated community across the street from the campus that will offer students housing at a discount. The complex offers one- and two-bedroom apartments with kitchenettes. Prices range from $1400 to $3200 per month.

The NYFA housing coordinator can help all students find private housing and maintains a roommate list that students can use to get in touch with one another. Students can find a variety of apartments within easy driving distance of campus from about $700 per month and up, depending on the location, size of the apartment and length of the student's stay.

For additional information on finding suitable housing should contact us at 818.333.3558, or email our Los Angeles housing coordinator at

Programs Offered at NYFA Los Angeles

While originally started as a film school, NYFA has expanded its academic offerings over the years to cover the wide range of disciplines available to visual storytellers. In addition to ensuring that each program provides students with the best possible education, students can collaborate across programs and gain insight into other art forms they might otherwise not learn. Here are the programs offered at NYFA in Los Angeles.

  • Film School: Widely known as the most hands-on film school in the world, students receive extensive on-set experience not only by writing, shooting, directing, producing, and editing their own films, but also serving in every position on set to best prepare them for a successful career in film.
  • Acting School: Students learn the many facets and intricacies of acting for film by getting hands-on experience through performing in fellow students’ films in addition to receiving detailed instruction from faculty members.
  • Photography School: When enrolling in one of our Photography School workshops or programs, students get extensive experience across the wide spectrum of photographic genres under the tutelage of active professionals working in the field.
  • Producing School: In this program, students work with professional producers to learn the creative and business skills required to be a successful producer.
  • Animation School: With 3D animation more ubiquitous than ever, our BFA* program immerses students in the world of both 2D and 3D animation to give them a thorough and practical education in the fundamentals of animation.
  • Game Design School: A program exclusive to NYFA’s Los Angeles campus, students learn the essentials of bringing their game ideas and stories to life while studying and gaining experience in the different genres of video games.
  • Documentary School: As documentary films become more commonplace and popular, students in the documentary school learn the fundamentals of the craft of documentary filmmaking while getting hands-on experience in film essentials.
  • Screenwriting School: As screenwriting is the backbone of filmmaking, students get non-stop practice in learning how to shape an idea into a working script while also learning the fundamentals of the craft.
  • Digital Editing School: In this program, students learn both the foundation of editing while also experimenting with novel ways to edit using digital editing stations.
  • Cinematography School: Students looking to pursue a career as a cinematographer learn the technical and aesthetic demands required of Directors of Photography and get extensive experience shooting with both film and digital.
  • Performing Arts School: As performing arts focuses on the individual and his or her ability to create a believable and memorable performance, students enrolling in our Performing Arts School learn the craft of acting for film and develop the skills to gain mastery as a performer.


The New York Film Academy has received “approval” from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to operate as a degree-granting institution in the state of California. “Approval” or “approval to operate” means that the Bureau has determined and certified that an institution meets minimum standards established by the Bureau and according to the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.

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Click here to download New York Film Academy's 2012 School Performance Fact Sheet for the Los Angeles Campus.

Click here to download New York Film Academy – BPPE 2012 Annual Report.

New York Film Academy Los Angeles

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