Fashion Photography from NYFA Alumnus Viktor Klimenko

November 16, 2016

For as long as he can remember, New York Film Academy Photography alumnus, Viktor Klimenko has a fondness for the arts. His interest and pursuits began in fashion after designing his own clothing line and only grew from there when he created magazine advertisements that featured his garments.

viktor klimento
“Blase Affair” by Viktor Klimenko

“I started to sketch and draw scenes that I would imagine a photographer would capture,” recalled Klimenko. “This lead to me experimenting with trying to recreate my sketches into reality.”

After attending the New York Film Academy Photography program, Klimenko says he learned a lot from the instructors.

Since completing the program, Klimenko has been working with fashion magazines, as well as individual projects for clients. While his current focus is on male models, he hopes to soon expand his work towards female fashion as well.

“Now that everyone is a photographer, I feel like limits have to be pushed even more. I know many photographers that can’t get jobs, and the main reason is that while they may have quality work it could lack creativity. Today, when you look through magazines you can see why a certain photographer was chosen and why the editors used him or her to be published in their magazine. Now it’s all about that thin quality that’s hard to explain. I personally respect and value photography when I can see the effort that was put into it. It can be complex or simple and minimal, but the way the artist put it together will show the amount of creativity that went into the project.”

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