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Hands-on Intensive 4-Week Fashion Photography

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Hands-on Intensive 4-Week Fashion Photography Workshops


Fashion is a passion. At the New York Film Academy, students have the rare opportunity to learn fashion photography hands-on from prep to post in one of the fashion capitals of the world: New York City. NYFA’s four-week photography workshop will take students behind the scenes to focus on the art of fashion photography in an exciting cosmopolitan city where they will have premier, industry-standard equipment and essential elements at their disposal: beautiful models, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, a professionally equipped photo studio, and fantastic locations with full production vehicles from which to work.

Our four-week fashion photography classes are part of a full-time intensive immersion program. This course will further their process, deepen their knowledge, and refine their aesthetic as they engage themselves in the world of fashion imagery. Students will learn all aspects of a professional fashion shoot — including casting, working with both natural and artificial light, working with models and hair/makeup/stylists, as well as editing and retouching images into a final story.

Students considering this course should already understand the primary technical aspects of exposure and digital image editing. The basis of this and all other NYFA programs is learning by doing, using a hands-on, practical, experiential approach. Students will be on their feet shooting, editing, and analyzing images from the very first day. Because this program is constructed to deliver a great deal of content in a short time, students can look forward to an exceptional opportunity for a total immersion experience in learning photography for four weeks.

This program is only offered in New York. Los Angeles campus offers the 4-Week Digital Photography Workshop: Focus on Fashion.

Course Descriptions

The following classes are designed to be of immediate and practical use in an integrated curriculum. Each week students are able to immediately apply the lessons learned in their classes to the work they are producing.

Fashion and Beauty Retouching
History of Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography Lab, Practice and Implementation
Production Day

Fashion and Beauty Retouching
This course explores developing and retouching for the fashion and beauty image. Students will learn how to color correct, tone, and color grade, as well as more advanced methods of beauty and skin retouching in line with current commercial standards (such as frequency separation and local dodging and burning). This class will include lecture, demonstration, and time for students to edit their own images under the guidance of expert faculty. Some prior knowledge or experience with post-processing is assumed.

History of Fashion Photography
Students will closely examine and develop an understanding of the importance of fashion photography history for practicing photographers. A review of prominent figures in the history of fashion photography will help to develop the photographer’s sense of storytelling, light, and style. Through examination of what’s gone before, students establish a context for current fashion-related practices. Through lectures, research, and analysis, students will incorporate an understanding of historical approaches to photographing fashion into their own process.

Fashion Photography Lab, Practice and Implementation
This course delves into the hands-on part of an immersive workshop, investigating techniques for producing fashion images. Every aspect of producing fashion images will be broken down and practiced in a hands-on laboratory, in a learn-by-doing environment. Shooting fashion photography at the professional level is a demanding and complex role. Photographers must combine technical fluency with creative intelligence and aesthetic awareness, developing a unique balance of science, technique, art, creativity, and performance. Fashion images are created in time-sensitive environments and fast-paced circumstances where the photographer must create results on the spot — while working collaboratively with a team. Practice and experimentation is essential to the mastery of this uniquely challenging skill set.

Production Day
A unique, hands-on course in which students are able to feel what it is like to work on a professional photography set in an exciting location. Here, students will apply techniques they have learned in Studio and Fashion Lighting as well as work with hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and professional models to create stunning images with New York City as the backdrop.

Dates & Tuition


Tuition: $5,802 (USD) +
Equipment Fee: $ent & Technology Fee: $838

Location & Available Dates

For New York City:
Jul 3, 2023 - Jul 29, 2023
Sep 11, 2023 - Oct 7, 2023

For Los Angeles:
Jun 12, 2023 - Jul 8, 2023

Please note: Dates and Tuition are subject to change
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