New York Film Academy (NYFA) Photography Department Launches FAYN #005

July 12, 2019

FAYN is a collaborative photography magazine produced by the New York Film Academy (NYFA) Photography Department. The magazine features students, faculty and alumni whose work explores contemporary concepts in art and culture.

FAYN is a platform for visual expression, and it’s a celebration of printed media. In this fast-moving digital era of photography, FAYN serves to slow down the experience of viewing photography and experiencing art. As you flip through the pages, we hope that you take the time to savor the experience of holding them in your hand.  

A launch party was held for the latest issue of FAYN, #005, titled Deconstruction. In addition to an impressive array of photographic art, FAYN #005 also features an interview with and the work of renowned artist Lorna Simpson.

Student Editor Maddie Smith says in her Editor’s Letter, also featured in the issue, that “When curating the theme of this issue, Deconstruction, we wanted to feature images that were dismantling, dissecting, and reducing preconceptions both through unique visuals and thoughtful concepts. Our mission with the theme of deconstruction is to show that texts, institutions, traditions, societies, beliefs, and even images, do not necessarily need to be defined by our preconceived notions and that they can exceed the boundaries they currently occupy.”

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Magazine Cover Concept by Maddie Smith; designed by Alumni Yingda Shang 

Featured Faculty
Jackie Neale

Dia Yunzhi Wang

Ain’t I A Woman?
Thesis Work and Writing
by Edolia Stroud

Karyna Dobrykava

By Tom Myers

Paper Gun
MFA Thesis project by
Juan Sebastian Echeverri

Featuring “Thank you for your Bullet”
By Mina Khouzamy
Featured Alumni

Lotta Lemetti

Close Up
By BFA student
Maddie Smith

Featuring “Deconstruct Me, Reconstruct You”
By Mina Khouzamy

Google Space
Thesis work by Medford Deforest
@deforest.medfordInterview by Mina Khouzamy

Marvelous Food
By BFA Student
Hugh Li

Featured Alumni
Patricia Montrase

Artist Spotlight
Lorna Simpson
Interview by Maddie Smith