New Moon Star Justine Wachsberger

October 29, 2009

Currently the American actress plays the part of Gianna in the popular vampire movie, New Moon, due out this November. Wachsberger’s character is the Volturi’s human secretary that longs to be immortal and beautiful like her superiors.

As a biography American actress Justine Wachsberger was born in the United States. Wachsberger however calls Paris and Los Angeles, California home. She is a graduate from the University of Southern California and is a former acting school student of the New York Film Academy.

About Justine Wachsberger New Moon experience- “I thought it would be harder to be on set, just because of the buzz and the fact that all these actors started as unknown and became so big – not all of them, but the majority. I thought I would arrive on set and kind of be an outsider and not really fit in. On the contrary, everyone was really nice, really down the Earth. It was a very friendly atmosphere. I was a little stressed out at the beginning, like ‘I’m getting to Vancouver on set, what is it going to be like?’ It was actually a really good surprise.”

Wachsberger made her debut in the movie First Daughter. You can also expect to see her in Sorority Row and the forthcoming and above mentioned Twilight saga sequel, New Moon.