NYFA Broadcast Journalism School Updates Oct. 30

October 30, 2017

Reuters is a leading international news agency. They have been supplying news worldwide for decades. So when some of their subscribers told them they needed multiple, live video streams, MediaShift reports Reuters developed a product to meet this need.

Perhaps that’s not surprising, until you consider the subscribers are newspaper publishers. Today newspapers live online, and one of the most watched categories of online content is live video. Newspapers are now in the TV business…

Speaking of turning conventional wisdom on its head, traditionally “viewers” don’t get to see news stories until they are “broadcast.” But the BBC is experimenting with an app called Hearken that encourages “crowd-powered” journalism. Users are encouraged to comment on stories during the “pitch” process, as stories are being commissioned, as well as throughout the reporting process. You can even submit story ideas.
And while this is still in the testing phase, it does represent a fundamental shift in journalism. The process is interactive and collaborative, but how do you maintain journalistic integrity if “trolls” decide to game the system?
In a somewhat related development, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism reports online news audiences want — among other things — transparency in reporting. In other words, they no longer take for granted that news publishers are impartial and authoritative. They want to better understand just who publisher is, and how they gather stories, as well as the vetting process those stories go through. This too is a major change, inasmuch the veracity of news publishers was once taken for granted. No more…
How good is the NYFA Broadcast Journalism program? So good that ABC-affiliated station WTNH/TV8 in New Haven, Connecticut now features two NYFA graduates…
Last week, award-winning journalist George Colli took over as lead reporter on the News8 Investigative Team. Most recently, George was the Washington, DC-based correspondent for Cox Media, appearing on Cox stations across the United States. Prior to that, he reported for NBC-Connecticut. George is a graduate of NYFA’s 1-Year Broadcast Journalism Conservatory program.
Alyssa Taglia is the traffic anchor and a multimedia journalist (MMJ) for “Good Morning CT” at WTNH. A former Miss Connecticut, Alyssa graduated from NYFA’s 8-Week Broadcast Journalism Workshop this past August.
Congratulations to our talented, and successful, grads!