Our Interview With Rising Artist Scholarship Winner Samantha Rosinski

September 10, 2022


In the Summer of 2022, NYFA welcomed Samantha Rosinski, a recipient of our Rising Artist Scholarship for Teen Camps (RASFTC), to our 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop for teens at NYFA’s New York campus. An aspiring young filmmaker, Samantha was introduced to the art of filmmaking and wrote, directed, shot, and edited a short film project.  

“The New York Film Academy’s Rising Artist Scholarship for Teen Camps is a wonderful way for NYFA to recognize emerging student artists for their achievements in the Performing and/or Visual Arts,” says Roger Del Pozo, Senior Executive Enrollment Specialist and RASFTC Selection Committee Member. “It provides the selected winner the opportunity to explore their craft in an advanced and immersive environment at NYFA.” 

Meet Rising Artist Scholarship Winner Samantha Rosinski

Following the completion of the 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop, we wanted to hear all about Samantha’s experiences at NYFA and her favorite memories while studying at our New York City campus. The RASFTC winner gave us the opportunity to hear about her experience making new friends, learning the essentials of directing, and living in the “Big Apple,” the home of major filmmaking and television studios, for an entire week.

New York Film Academy (NYFA): How did you feel when you heard that you were selected for the Rising Artist Scholarship for Teen Camps?

Samantha Rosinski (SR): I was incredibly surprised since I had only been experimenting with film for about a year and was grateful my teacher sent his recommendation to the NYFA for this opportunity. Also, I found out I was the scholarship winner the day before my birthday, so it was the ultimate birthday gift!

NYFA: What did you learn during your 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop at NYFA that you have applied to your life?

SR: A few girls were knocking on dorm doors on our first day to meet those on my floor. I realized how beneficial it is to put myself out there to meet people with similar aspirations. To become an open-minded filmmaker, you must remain curious. Coming to this hub of all different cultures, I have learned more about unique individuals and will be able to apply this to the character of my future film endeavors.

NYFA: What was your biggest challenge while studying Filmmaking at NYFA?

SR: Learning to work in a short time frame, for instance, utilizing just two hours to shoot your entire short film. In the end, this boosted my confidence in my abilities when I was able to meet that deadline successfully. 

NYFA: Did you have any worldly experiences while studying at NYFA in New York City? 

SR: I met people from all over the world, but one sticks out the most. I spoke with an aspiring photographer from France, who didn’t speak as much English as I did, however, we were able to communicate due to our shared knowledge of cameras. Going to another country for the four-week program is admirable! I follow his photography account on Instagram and can see his determination has truly paid off through his current work. 

NYFA: What was your biggest takeaway from studying directing?

SR: I learned a lot about blocking and how it relates to which characters are dominant. I already understood how camera angles can have this effect, but I never realized how much went into feature films where character movement is specifically coordinated to add to this. 

NYFA: Are you considering pursuing filmmaking/directing as a future major in college?

SR: Of course! I plan on majoring in film production in college.

NYFA: What was your favorite thing about living in New York City for a week?

SR: Being within walking distance of discovering all varieties of food with all my new friends remains unrivaled in my experience. The Eastern Nova Bagel from Leo’s Bagels was my favorite!

NYFA: What advice do you have for other teens considering our programs?

SR: Prepare as much as possible for your film to get the most out of the program. Make connections with the people in your class quickly (especially during the one-week session!).

NYFA: Be honest, would you recommend our camps to your friend or family member?

SR: Yes, I think it was a program that would be useful for any skill level. It was great to hear from professionals in the industry, and I would recommend living in the dorm to prepare for college.

NYFA congratulates filmmaking teen camp alum Samantha Rosinski on her achievement and wishes her the best of luck in pursuing film in the future.

How to Nominate a Student For NYFA’s Rising Artist Scholarship

Designed for teen visual and performance artists, NYFA’s Rising Artist Scholarship provides students with the opportunity to attend a teen camp or workshop at NYFA. Teachers, counselors, employers, and mentors may nominate teens to attend in person at our New York or Los Angeles campus or complete an online program. All submissions must include a brief essay written by the nominator on why the candidate should be considered. To learn more, visit our Rising Artist Scholarship for Teen Camps page.