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Cannes International Film Festival Emerging Filmmakers Selection Life in Color Stars New York Film Academy Acting Grad Ioanna Meli

Cannes International Film Festival Emerging Filmmakers Selection Life in Color Stars New York Film Academy Acting Grad Ioanna Meli

May 1, 2018 Life in Color is an official selection in the 2018 Cannes International Film Festival Emerging Filmmakers category, starring New York Film Academy (NYFA) Acting for Film alum Ioanna Meli.

As The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival describes, the special event has offered opportunities for students worldwide to showcase their works for the Cannes Festival and Film Market since 1989, with only the top 27 of the films selected to screen. Life in Color will screen as a part of the Emerging Filmmaker LGBTQ Showcase on Sunday, May 13, 208, from 4-6 p.m -- and Ioanna Meli will be in attendance.

Directed by Bishal Dutta, Life in Color tells the story of an aging, closeted gay man with Alzheimer’s who struggles against his strong-willed daughter to hold on to the memory of the long lost love of his life. Along with the prestigious honor of screening at Cannes, the film has shown as part of the Silicon Beach Film Festival in LA.

LIFE IN COLOR - Trailer from Bishal Dutta on Vimeo.

Important film info:
2018, 21 min., USA, Drama/LGBTQ
Director: Bishal Dutta
Writers: Bishal Dutta, Matt McClelland
Producer: Olivia Shapiro
Cast: Bart McCarthy, Ioanna Meli, Sean McBride

“Working with the team and developing the role of Beth, the daughter, was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as an actor so far,” Ioanna Meli told NYFA. “Beth’s torment in trying to understand her father and the childhood she was deprived of, while fighting her own beliefs, was a challenging journey to go on to. And to be honest, I always feel a little extra lucky getting to work with directors as generous as Bishal Dutta -- his direction was insightful and clear, yet allowed for the building of the characters and the relationships between them to develop organically.”

Meli has previously appeared in The Rock’s Ascendance promo, along with numerous other short films and TV series, including Burst, A Little Part of You, Dipsticks, and Auschwitz.

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