About Us

Mission & Philosophy

New York Film Academy originally opened in Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center. Today we occupy our own buildings in Union Square and Battery Place in New York City, and hold programs throughout the world at Los Angeles, CA; Disney Studios Florida; and in Paris and Florence.

High School Programs

Our high school programs are designed for students with little or no previous filmmaking, acting, or animation experience. They are intensive, short- and long-term courses that fully immerse students in the craft of writing, directing, casting, shooting, acting in, editing, and animating their own films.

Each year hundreds of students from around the world benefit from the extraordinary education offered at the New York Film Academy. The Academy is a learning center for individuals who want to explore film and video arts or performance for the screen and stage. For students ages fourteen to seventeen, the New York Film Academy offers a pre-college enrichment experience that is unparalleled.

Academy Philosophy

It is our belief that the most significant art form of our time is the moving image. Through the medium of film, individuals, communities, and nations present their most profound visions of humanity to the world.

Intensity is a hallmark of the Film Academy Camps. Students who partake in these Camps eat, drink and breathe filmmaking, acting, or animation from day one. Their classes emphasize hands-on learning and inspire creativity. They also provide the hard facts students need to begin the process of developing creative, thought provoking, and entertaining work. This is not a course for passive participants. Students must take an active role in every aspect of the Camp.

The New York Film Academy High School Programs demand hard work, discipline, and maturity. Students must be self-motivated and able to work with others. The programs are not for everyone; but for those up to the challenge, they are extremely rewarding.

Learning Through Film and Acting

Students in our Filmmaking Camps will study and practice the four major film crafts: writing, directing, cinematography, and editing. Students learn to structure a story and write a script—the academic benefits of this are self-evident. Each student learns to plan, organize, and execute a series of film productions—this develops excellent work habits. Each student learns management skills while directing their crew and actors. Through analyzing and critiquing their finished films students learn how to use feedback effectively.

Acting students will study various techniques for creating believable performances and the requirements of acting for the camera. Students will explore Stanislavky’s “Method”, voice and movement, scene study and improvisation, among other topics. The Acting for Film Camps are a tremendous opportunity to study human behavior and storytelling, and to develop the discipline required of an actor.

The organizational, communication, writing, and critical thinking skills developed through producing complex productions and performances will be of enormous value to our students if they decide to pursue further education in these arts or pursue careers in this industry in the future. The experiences in the various Film Academy Camps will benefit anyone preparing for the challenges of college and beyond.

Our Students

High school students who choose to enroll in our summer programs are typically some of the most motivated and talented among their peers at home. Students must devote four or six weeks working in a focused program. Some students travel across the country or the globe to attend these Camps. The students are typically comprised of an eclectic blend of people from diverse cultures, points of view and lifestyles. This mix adds immeasurably to the learning experience of each participant.

We invite you to visit any of our locations when in session, and sit in on one of our classes at any time to see if it is right for you.


All programs and workshops are solely owned and operated by the New York Film Academy and are not affiliated with Universal Studios, Harvard University, or Walt Disney World® Resort.
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