Teen Acting Camps

In the New York Film Academy Acting Camp, students are immersed in an intensive, professional educational experience, combining fun, experiential, interactive workshops with direct, hands-on acting in front of the camera. Whether you’ve starred in high school plays or have loved the possibilities of acting but have never taken formal study, our Acting Camp offers several possibilities to deepen your training and ultimately, to help guide you towards your dreams!

The New York Film Academy Acting Camp is offering 1-week, 3-week and 4-week intensive basic workshops; also 3-week, 4-week, and 6-week Advanced Acting programs. The Basic Workshops are suitable for those students who may have acted in the past but have never enrolled in anything beyond standard drama classes. The Advanced Acting Workshops are suitable for those students who have undergone more professional-level training and/or who have the prerequisite experience necessary to prove their ability to act on stage and film with an audition.

Unlike standard high school drama classes, our Acting Camp creates an immersive experience in specific areas of study in the acting craft, offering workshops as diverse as Acting for Film, Scene Study, Monologue, Voice and Movement, Technique, Improvisation and the Business of Acting. We believe in building a strong, base foundation in the art. And while many of our foundation courses can be applied to any performance experience, the New York Film Academy excels in providing training and feedback in acting in front of the camera.

Acting Camp students take what they’ve learned in all their workshops and apply their training to scenes that are shot on digital video, then critiqued in a group in class—all under the guidance of experienced staff. Our Acting camp students learn how to adjust performance in accordance with the type of shot the director choses; to shoot out of sequential sequence; to function with focus and relaxation in the midst of the chaos of a film set. Not surprisingly, many of our acting camp graduates have gone on to be cast in starring roles in film and television (including Glee, The Middle, Parks and Recreation; the feature film, This Must Be the Place with Sean Penn…).

The Film Academy’s Acting Camps thus provide a safe, focused environment where students are alternately pushed and encouraged to polish their craft. Our shorter-term programs are ideal for those high school students still exploring the possibilities of acting as a career. Our more advanced workshops give those committed students a chance to take their craft a step further. Acting Camp students leave the workshop with a copy of their work in class. And many of our classes collaborate closely with our film and digital programs, so that students may audition and be cast in student work!

The New York Film Academy Acting Camps are especially diverse, attracting students from all over the world. We welcome high school students who thrive on collaborative work and who are willing to explore the acting craft in deep and personal ways. Whether you’re looking to develop your talent; to build skills that will help land you professional work; to develop a portfolio for college entrance; to just explore the possibilities of acting as a career—our Acting Camps will offer something for you!


All programs and workshops are solely owned and operated by the New York Film Academy and are not affiliated with Universal Studios, Harvard University, or Walt Disney World® Resort.
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