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Attend NYFA's One-of-a-Kind Virtual Reality Workshops

The New York Film Academy’s hands-on short-term virtual reality programs guide students in concept development, design, and production of their own interactive VR experiences, games and 360 degree films. By utilizing industry-standard VR techniques under the guidance of experts in the ever growing VR industry, our eight-week programs aim to provide students with a practical foundation in VR production.

In the last year, Virtual Reality (VR) has gone from a niche market to one of the fastest-growing areas of creative expression and technical innovation. To experience VR, users no longer require expensive single-purpose machines. Now all you need is a smartphone! Virtual Reality is a new medium and unlike any other audio-visual storytelling platform because it immerses users inside an experience and gives them agency, thereby invoking a depth of emotion and interactivity comparable to real life.

VR brings together computer-generated images, animation, programming, user experience design, game design, live action 360 video, non-linear screenwriting, and transmedia narrative design to create a holistic experience. The uses of VR are also seemingly endless. Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities have applications across industries, from games, documentary, narrative filmmaking and other entertainment, to mental health, journalism, architecture, and weight loss.

NYFA’s Game Design and Animation Departments have joined forces to offer two programs for people looking to build computer-generated, interactive VR applications.

Intro to Interactive VR is right for anyone who wants a practical foundation in the production of interactive VR, including: 3D Modeling & Animation for asset creation, Coding in C#, and implementation in the Unity 3D game engine.

VR Game Design builds on the Intro’s foundation and focuses on game design techniques applied in the VR space. Students are required to complete the Intro course, or submit a portfolio demonstrating equivalent skills in 3D Modeling/Animation and/or development in Unity.

NYFA’s Filmmaking Department has brought together industry leading VR storytellers for the purpose of designing a hands-on, intensive and comprehensive 360 degree video production workshop.

Narrative VR Filmmaking provides an in-depth introduction to the world of 360 degree video production including: writing for VR, directing the actors and audience in 360, multi-lens cinematography and VR post production.

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