12-Week Evening Comedy Writing Workshop

Learn How to Write for Comedy

In the 12-Week Evening Comedy Writing Workshop, students study the nature of comedy and joke structure, learning how to punch up scenes and add humor to their scripts. The workshop will cover setups and punchlines, character-driven comedy, situational comedy, improv, and sketch comedy.

The program requires that each student develop multiple comedic scripts and keep a comedy journal to track their ideas. By the end of class, students will write and deliver a final comedic script in one of the formats covered in class.

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Program DescriptionProgram Name: 12-Week Evening Comedy Writing Workshop

The 12-Week Evening Comedy Writing Workshop provides the students with an intensive and focused workshop environment. In this format, students get a solid structure for writing and meeting deadlines, and learn the craft of writing by focusing on concepts such as comedic setups, sketch comedy, jokes, character, conflict, and dialogue. During the program, students able to obtain a discounted download code of Final Draft software from the Bursar.

To learn more about NYFA’s screenwriting workshops, see NYFA’s Course Catalog or request more information.

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Malena Vain  

Malena Vain


Mickey Fonseca  

Mickey Fonseca

Writer | Director | Producer

Shivani Rawat in a light blues weater  

Shivani Rawat

Producer | Writer



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