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  • NYFA Alumni to Showcase Photography Work at Brooklyn’s Photoville

    UPDATE: Photoville was a tremendous success, with thousands of photography enthusiasts on-hand for the five days of exhibitions. Be sure to check out the photos from our event, HERE.


    Brooklyn’s waterfront photography exhibition, Photoville, which is free and open to the public, will be returning for its fifth year. The event will take place between September 21-25 and will include an exhibition of artwork from New York Film Academy Photography alumni, representing a variety of countries and cultural identities from all around the world.


    The alumni’s work will not only occupy a unique space in culture and time, but will also testify to the expansive range of approaches to photographic expression that NYFA students explore — from fine art to commercial photography (not forgetting the fine line in between).

    NYFA’s faculty actively works with the students to develop and broaden their diverse interests, preparing them to emerge as contemporary image-makers in a rapidly changing and ever-expanding field. With the support of the faculty and their peers, our students have created a public art exhibit of exceptional freshness, quality, and breadth.

    Alongside traditional treatments of portraiture and still life, this group of artists has also experimented with abstraction, digital manipulation, staged photography, and a host of other possibilities. These experiences enrich their dexterity and vision as they work to discover their unique voices within the world of photography.

    ana paula tizzi

    “Open Doors” by Ana Paula Tizzi

    “My project is called ‘Open Doors,'” said NYFA alumna, Ana Paula Tizzi. “Early in 2015 I spent three days driving around the Dominican Republic in order to get to know about the people and their life. While I was exploring the area, I realized how open they were with me — even though many of them had never even seen a camera before. This project is about how beautiful life can be; it only depends how you see it. ‘Open Doors’ taught me to put colors in my life, even when everything seems to be black and white.”

    sana abedi

    “Abstraction in Isolation #5” by Sana Abedi

    Another photograph that will be on display is Sana Abedi’s “Abstraction in Isolation #5,” a photographic exploration through abstraction of bridges. “Bridges represent balance, structure and connectivity,” says the former NYFA photography student, Sana Abedi. “The project draws a simile between the bridge and social norms. The bridge is synonymous with rigid social structures. From a certain perspective both seem daunting and imposing. However, an examination of both from more intimate perspective reveals intricacies.”

    The photograph ‘Abstract in Isolation 5’ is schematic, inviting viewers to enter a space of speculation. The immense scale and physicality of the bridge is fractured into smaller constituent fragments. The visual narrative is structured through the formal element of texture, line, color and shape.

    tatyana prisco

    “Elements” by Tatyana Prisco

    NYFA alumna Tatyana Prisco’s “Elements” piece was taken within a mall, which she recalls at the point in time where she knew she wanted to become an Architectural Photographer. Prisco now owns a photography business in Colorado.

    Below are all of the photographs that will be on display:


    Alexandra Schaede

    Amina Al Huqail

    Amina Al Huqail

    Andreas Poupoutsis- Hidden Identities

    Andreas Poutpoutsis


    Ana Paula Tizzi


    Becca Howland

    Becca Howland


    Copy of _VIK8981-Edit

    Viktor Klimenko

    Copy of c-Zjiang-13

    Zhuoqun Jiang

    Copy of Copy of Brown_S_Andaz_01

    Sean Brown


    Copy of Kimico Chen

    Kimico Chan


    Copy of Meza_A_Thesis_002

    Arturo Meza


    Daniel Muccigrossi_a

    Daniel Muccigrossi


    Hanna Cowart 2

    Hanna Cowart



    John Tona


    Joohee Han-3

    Joohee Han



    Lotta Lemetti



    Lotta Lemetti



    Maciej Stachowicz


    Mark_Brennan copy

    Mark Brennan


    Meng Meng_Lu

    Meng Meng Lu


    Polina_Krasovicka copy

    Polina Krasovicka


    Sana_Abedi3 copy

    Sana Abedi


    Sayana Cairo


    Tatyana Prisco


    Zhuoqun Jiang

    Internationally renowned photographer Ralph Gibson, Chair of NYFA Department of Contemporary Photography, will be making a special appearance on Friday evening from 6pm-8pm and on Saturday from 12pm-4pm!

    Join us and celebrate our students’ work at Photoville, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, from Wednesday, Sept. 21 to Sunday, Sept. 25!

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  • NYFA Screenwriting Graduates Celebrate with an Industry Pitch Fest

    Graduating MFA, AFA and BFA New York Film Academy Screenwriting students recently attended their culminating Industry Pitch Fest Event, held at the penthouse ballroom of the Andaz Hotel up on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

    screenwriting dept

    A catered event and mingling opportunity for the students, executives, and faculty alike, this capstone evening celebrated the New York Film Academy’s graduating screenwriting students, offering them a professional outlet to jumpstart their careers by pitching their film and TV thesis projects to industry executives.

    These writing students spent their final semester in their Business of Screenwriting classes working with Business of Screenwriting Instructors David O’Leary, Jerry Shandy, and Dirk Blackman, in conjunction with Faculty Chair Nunzio DeFilippis and Associate Chair Adam Finer, preparing and fine-tuning their pitches.

    nyfa screenwriting

    They shined on this pinnacle evening, leaving with new professional contacts and a wave of interest in the scripts they’d worked so hard on all year.Considered by the school to be their first night as professional screenwriters, this group of bright students brought their A-game, as they pitched agents, managers and production company representatives in a relaxed, round-table environment. Organized and hosted by David O’Leary, the event featured representatives from various Hollywood companies, including literary agencies, management companies, and TV and Film production companies.

    Attendees included: Blumhouse, Closed on Mondays, Elevate Entertainment, Good Fear Film + Management, ICM, Imagine Entertainment, International Film Trust, Mad Chance, Madhouse Entertainment, Magnet Management, Management 360, Marc Platt Productions, Moresco Productions, Nightshade Entertainment, Original Film, Quadrant Pictures, RatPac Entertainment, Triple Threat Pictures, and Walden Media.

    NYFA wishes to thank all of its participants, particularly our industry guests, without whom this evening could not have been possible. Also, we’d like to extend a big congratulations to all of our MFA, BFA and AFA graduates!

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  • Shanghai Media Group Joins NYFA Broadcast Journalism Class

    shanghai media

    The new term has barely begun, and already we have experienced one of the highlights of the semester. Recently a group of media executives and journalists from Shanghai visited the New York Film Academy. It is always interesting to share information with international colleagues, and it was especially rewarding to talk about the fundamental changes taking place in the field of Broadcast Journalism.


    “As someone who has worked extensively in China, it was fun for me to hear about some of the latest developments taking place in Shanghai,” said Broadcast Journalism Chair, Bill Einreinhofer.

    The group found the discussion about DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras the most interesting part of the presentation. DSLR cameras are symbolic of the dramatic impact digital technology is having on news gathering and reporting. We passed around several DSLR rigs, so that everyone had a chance to use the equipment.

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  • Two Animated Shorts from NYFA Alumni to Screen at NYC ACM SIGGRAPH’s MetroCAF

    NYC ACM SIGGRAPH will be presenting the fourteenth edition of its annual metropolitan-area college computer animation festival. The organization aims to foster the synthesis of art and technology while promoting and educating the computer graphics and interactive media community through the exchange of printed and electronic information and innovative ideas.

    Two New York Film Academy student animated films from this past year’s crop of animators have been selected for the MetroCAF Student Competition, with the screening held on Friday, September 23rd.

    The two films that will screen are:

    “Ravage” by Felipe Amaya

    Ravage from Felipe Amaya on Vimeo.

    Amaya says his film is all about the very plausible outcome of what will happen if we allow ourselves to continue producing and consuming en masse without environmentally friendly alternatives and practices.

    “There were two goals that I wanted to achieve with this project: I try to be a very environmentally conscious person and wanted to include a little bit of that aspect of my personality in this short film,” said Amaya. “I consider that humanity, being the dominant species of the planet, has a great responsibility to the environment as well as the obligation to change its practices in order to prevent mass pollution and global warming.

    I wanted to explore the technical aspect of rigging in more depth and in a more mechanical way, therefore the machines. My goal was to learn more about the virtual bolts and screws that hold everything in place and allows 3D objects to move.

    I combined these two goals and came up with the result you will see at MetroCAF.”

    Amaya is currently working at VRAM FX, a visual effects company based in NYC.

    “The Right Way” by Elena Zobak Alekperov & Flavia Groba Bandeira 

    The Right Way from Flavia Groba on Vimeo.

    This short story is about a mom trying to do the right thing raising her child, but sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

    “The inspiration behind this video was taken from my life,” says Zobak. “I wanted to share my experience of being a parent and trying to do the right thing with everyday life choices. And since sometimes we’re a little bit hypocritical with all this ‘right approach,’ this funny scenario just came to mind.”

    Flavia was responsible for environment design as well as the overall look.

    “I tried to fit the environment to the characters personality or, in the case of the girl, her imposed personality by the mother,” said Groba.

    “It sounds trite to ‘write what you know,’ but by doing so, this team was able to tap into the emotions—humor, frustration, love, contradiction—that make this mother-daughter relationship so relatable, and so funny,” said NYFA 3D Animation & Game Design Chair, Phoebe Elefante. “The high level of technical expertise exhibited in the production is seamless, so the audience can be completely immersed in the storytelling. That’s the kind of mastery to which we encourage all students to aspire.”

    “The Right Way” also screened at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

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  • Spring 2016 Screenwriting Students Complete Second Semester

    What’s it like for a screenwriter to hear his or her work read aloud by actors for the first time? Thrilling and nerve-wracking all at once, as LA’s Spring 2016 MFA, AFA, and One Year students discovered when they saw their work performed in a staged reading at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles Theater last Saturday night. Rounding out the second semester of their program, students chose 4-6 page scenes from their original screenplays and TV pilots, then event coordinators Terah Jackson and Crickett Rumley cast the roles with professional actors, including NYFA grads Dijon Delonte Hawkins and Heather Hult.


    Screenwriter Queenian Okagu was excited to hear the actor playing the father in her feature Culture Clash do a Nigerian accent. “He sounded just like my dad,” she said. For Lindsey Lauren Hall, hearing her TV script And Then There Were Three read out loud was a real learning experience. “I heard some lines fall flat, so I’m going to have to go back through the script and work on them.”

    screenwriting grad

    The audience of friends, family, and faculty, including Screenwriting Department Chair Nunzio DeFilippis and Associate Chair Adam Finer, were drawn into a futuristic Los Angeles in David Castillo’s pilot The Crimson Samurai, met an ambitious young race car driver in J.B. Hakim’s The Formula, and got creeped out by the mysterious town in AJ Kunkel’s October. The bros of Adam Zagri’s Dungeons and Daily Life and the potential lovers in Robert Styles’ Friend Zone Jones had the audience in stitches, while Rachna Sukura’s Indira and Hamidreza Khorsanizadeh’s Motherhood explored complex relationship dynamics and family situations.

    Following the reading, the screenwriters networked with their actors and enjoyed a reception with faculty and guests. Congratulations to the Spring 2016 MFA and AFA students on finishing their first year, and best of luck to the Spring 2016 One-Year students who just completed their program!

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  • MFA Acting Alumna Wins Best Leading Actress at United International Film Festival

    JuliaMFA Acting for Film alumna Sabrina Percario wrote and starred in the short film, “Julia,” which has performed quite well at several film festivals. Thus far the film has screened at United International Film Festival, where Percario won Best Leading Actress; Los Angeles Cine Fest, where the film was nominated for Best Short Film and Best Original Song (also composed by Percario); Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, where the film won Jury Mention for Best Short Film; and the Glendale International Film Festival, where the film is in the running for Best Student Film.

    “Julia” is about a grieving woman, Sarah, who cannot dare to leave home and study abroad until her mom visits and encourages her to follow her life’s passion. From there, Sarah has to choose between her grief and her dreams.

    “I wanted to do a tribute to my mom, Olga ‘Julia’ Gomes Percario,” said Percario. “She always believed in me and doing this movie was my way to say how grateful I am for everything she taught me in life.”


    Sabrina Percario wins Best Actress at United International Film Festival

    Percario’s mother passed two years ago and her film provides her point of view of how she dealt with the tragedy.

    “Once I accepted that she was dead, I understood more about life and how she wanted me to pursue and live my dreams,” says Percario. “For me it was really hard to leave my family and move to another country and be in Los Angeles…alone. What I wanted to say with this movie was: it is important to grieve and to accept death, but once you do that you are free to live your life and to follow your dreams.”

    The film also provided Percario with a platform to improve her writing skills while also creating a character that best suits her acting abilities.

    “NYFA taught me different acting techniques and assisted me during the development of my thesis,” said Percario. “During my MFA at NYFA, I learned how to be present in the moment — to connect with the other actor and react in a genuine way, instead of anticipating the reaction.”

    Percario is currently working on her first feature film, which is inspired by “Julia.” The temporary title is: “Julia – My American-Brazilian Jewish Mother.” Percario and her team plan to start filming in the beginning of 2017.

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  • Australia Gold Coast Grad’s “Ravish Blue” Screens at NBC Universal Short Film Festival

    New York Film Academy Australia, Gold Coast graduate Jakim Wong’s thesis film “Ravish Blue,” is an Official Selection at the Discordia Sydney Film Festival, IndieFlix, and Indiegogo Film Festival. The film has also screened at the NBC Universal Short Film Festival in San Francisco.

    jakim wong

    “It’s been over six months since I graduated from NYFA,” said Wong. “Simply put, I have been having fun, which is the most important thing! ‘Ravish Blue,’ my final film, has been in several film festivals nationwide and still going strong. This has pushed me to do even more. ‘Ravish’ is now getting its own soundtrack, adding a scene or two, getting polished up, re-color-graded, and mixed.”

    jakim wong

    Wong has also completed filming his new short “Rawry McDermott and the Eon Bridger,” which is scheduled to be released on the festival circuit in September 2016.

    In addition, Wong has secured a deal with Ipswich’s “Willowbank Raceway,” who are providing him with funding to bring a drag-racing feature to life. This project will be his first feature film. Currently titled “SJDR,” the feature commences principal photography later this year in the Ipswich/Willowbank area of Queensland and will involve race cars, high performance vehicles, car chases, drones and, as Wong puts it, “guaranteed fun.”

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  • Cinematography Grad Hired by DP Tony Richmond for “Diary of Wimpy Kid”

    It’s often a difficult and stressful process finding your first job out of college — no matter what line of work you’re in. That’s why it is essential to network and ask around to the people you know best. With one of the New York Film Academy Cinematography program’s recent graduates, Jeremy Harris, he was able to parlay his relationship with the program’s chair, Tony Richmond, into an Assistant to the Director of Photography position on a major motion picture.

    Jeremy Harris

    Jeremy Harris (on right)

    Richmond has an extensive background in cinematography, having worked on major productions like “The Sandlot,” “Legally Blonde,” “Men of Honor” and countless others. While serving as chair of the program, Richmond continues to work in the field. His upcoming Director of Photography work will be on the film “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul,” with his former student at his side.

    We caught up with Jeremy Harris to find out how he landed the role with Mr. Richmond and what his plans are while on set and in the future.

    jeremy harris

    Jeremy Harris on set of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”

    How did this position come about?

    This position came about a month or so before graduation. Our class was with Tony on a production workshop. We were on lunch break, if I can recall, and Tony asked me if I had family in Atlanta, which I do. Then he mentioned he may be working on a film there and wondered if it went through would I want to go with him. Obviously I couldn’t refuse, especially seeing that it’s another opportunity to learn even more from one of the best, and someone who unconsciously shaped my childhood with “The Sandlot.”

    Can you tell me a little bit about the role you have with Tony and on-set?

    My position on set is Assistant to the Director of Photography. I assume it will be something similar to a Camera PA but whatever the job calls for, I am overly excited and willing to take part in this production.

    Jeremy Harris with Tony Richmond

    Jeremy Harris with Tony Richmond

    What do you expect to achieve / learn from this position?

    This will be my first feature set I’m taking part in, so I know there will be a lot of learning coming with the territory. Being with Tony every step of the way will definitely allow for some needed new knowledge and skills as an aspiring cinematographer; but I love operating and gripping as well, so I will definitely be keeping a watchful eye on those positions on set and ready with plenty of questions. I will be surrounded by nothing but experienced professionals on set, so I plan on soaking in all the information I can — especially set etiquette and procedures — because I take pride in not wasting time or money on set.

    Is your goal to be the main cinematographer on feature films? Is there any style or genre that you prefer?

    Yes, my goal is to be the main cinematographer on feature films. I started out as a news and documentary camera operator, which helped me transition into film and I still have a love and passion for operating, but cinematographer is the main objective. Outside of feature films I’ve had a growing interest in creating art installations.

    1 chance

    still from “1 Chance”

    How would you describe your overall experience in the NYFA Cinematography program?

    Honestly, I loved every minute of my time in the cinematography program. I’ve learned so much over the course of these two years that I would have never thought I could possibly retain. I think NYFA has the best group of cinematographers to not only instruct us but prepare each and every person that comes through that program for life, in general. This has been the best decision I’ve made in my life.

    Are you working on any films of your own that you’d like to share with us?

    I recently DP’d a close friend’s thesis that I would love for people to see. I think the story is amazing and very touching. The title is “1 Chance” and I think it is a great representation of the times, and really gives the audience hope in the world we live in today. Other than that, I am really focusing on learning a lot from this upcoming experience with Tony Richmond and coming back to Los Angeles — or wherever I may land — and applying my knowledge and skills to all endeavors to come.

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  • MFA Filmmaking Grad to Judge Washington West Film Festival

    Al Hallak

    Al Hallak

    MFA Filmmaking graduate Al Hallak has directed numerous award-winning film projects including his sci-fi thriller “The Paradigm,” which was his thesis film at NYFA. The film earned several honors including The Award of Excellence at Los Angeles Movie Awards.

    Since graduating, Hallak started his own film production business in Burbank, CA and received a certificate of recognition from Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy. He was also commended by The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

    Given his status as a freelance filmmaker, currently working and residing in Washington D.C., Hallak was recently selected to be a judge at the upcoming Washington West Film Festival in Washington, D.C. The festival was founded upon the belief that story can change the world and aims to spotlight films that provoke us to dream and question what we know to be true. Films that inspire us to see the potential of what could be and that ultimately paint a unique picture of the raw human condition.

    “This is a great opportunity; it is a very important film festival sponsored by Boeing,” says Hallak. “I am always proud of NYFA, and I hope to see NYFA students and graduates at the Festival in October.”

    WWFF will run from October 19-25, 2016 in Washington D.C.

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  • Broadcast Journalism School Updates for September ’16

    bill colli
    NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad, and Cox Media Washington correspondent, George Colli covered an important story over the past weekend. He spoke with the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Tom Frieden, about the failure of the U.S. Congress to provide funding for the ongoing fight against the Zika virus. The CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have run out of money, and it could bring mosquito control efforts and vaccine research to a halt at the end of the month.
    Chiara Carcano

    Chiara Carcano

    Karina Gaudereto

    Karina Gaudereto

    On a far lighter note, NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Chiara Carcano is off on a worldwide adventure. She is one of the participants in Donnaventura, a hybrid Italian travel/adventure television series. Good luck, Kiki!

    While the Rio Olympics are now a memory, we just found out that one of our grads was working at the Broadcast Center. Karina Gaudereto was one of the brave Brazilians who came to NYFA in the middle of a cold, wet, dark New York winter. Congratulations, Karina.
    Broadcast Journalism students at GMA
    Finally, Good Morning America — ABC’s morning chat show — recently introduced a new set and a new format for the last half-hour of the program. But before they could take the show to air, they had to block out all of the camera angles and locations. A group of NYFA faculty and students came by to help play the role of “audience” during the rehearsals. Editing instructor Ed Parada took some still images of the occasion. He even took one of me! Which means, for you incoming students, you now will recognize me on Registration Day.

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