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Hands-on Intensive 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop

Three NYFA students peer together through at the display screen of a mounted camera. A New York Film Academy student points the camera directly at us,w with the lens in sharp focus. New York Film Academy student crew slates to film a scene in front of a chain-link fence. NYFA filmmaking student uses RED camera

1-Week Filmmaking Workshop


The One-Week Hi-Def Filmmaking Workshop is the most intensive, instructional one-week program in filmmaking that can be found at any film school. In one short week, students are instructed in the basics of writing, directing, camera and digital editing, and each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a short film project.

The pace of this one-week course is feverish, and students must be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking for the length of their stay.

The workshop is offered at the following locations: New York City; Los Angeles; South Beach, Florida; Harvard University; Paris, France; Gold Coast, Australia and Florence, Italy.


The program begins with intensive study in camera, writing and directing. Then, students begin shooting their individual exercises. The end of the week is composed of editing class and post-production, ending with a final screening.

In the one-week workshop, each student writes, produces, directs, and digitally edits his or her own film on digital video, and rotates among crew positions when his or her classmates shoot.

Equipment and Facilities

Students use digital cameras, portable Lowel lighting packages, and digital editing software. Classrooms are equipped with a television, DVD player, and video cameras for demonstration and screening of clips.

Workshop Goal

The one-week workshop was designed to serve the needs of a variety of students, yet through hands-on classes and exercises, all students gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking, as well as experience the exhilaration of seeing a completed project.

For some, the One-Week course is an opportunity to see if filmmaking is the appropriate craft for them.

All students enrolling in the One-Week Filmmaking Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying film and perfecting their craft. While the One-Week HD Filmmaking Workshop is not meant to be a substitute for longer-term programs, many students have made excellent projects and decided to pursue movie making in the future.

Course Descriptions

Director’s Craft
Project Advisement
Hands-on Camera/Lighting

Director’s Craft

Director’s Craft introduces students to the language and craft of filmmaking. Topics covered include storyboarding, composition, camera movement, continuity, montage, pacing, and rhythm.
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This course is designed to help students develop their scripts for their short films. Students will be instructed in story structure, dramatic arc, creating characters, text and subtext, refining stories, and scriptwriting style.
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Project Advisement

In this class each student pitches his or her project in front of his or her instructor and crew. Modeled after a professional pre-production meeting, Project Advisement gives student directors the chance to share their creative vision and solicit feedback on what would enhance their story while also being feasible given the limitations of their shooting schedule.
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Editing is an art unto itself. Regardless of the editing system a filmmaker uses, it is the editor’s ability to work with the shots and tell a story that makes all the difference. Workshop students will learn how to use the digital editing system, Avid Media Composer. Each student edits his or her own film. Students are taught the fundamental concepts of film editing, both practical and aesthetic.
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Hands-on Camera/Lighting

A hands-on class and instructor-led workshop in which students are introduced to the fundamentals of HD image making. The craft of composing images with the Canon 5D HD cameras will be taught “from the ground up” and will presuppose no prior knowledge of filmmaking. The proper use of basic lighting instruments and their contribution to the image will be explored in class exercises and demonstrations. The students will also learn fundamental lighting techniques.
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*Students must write, shoot, direct, and edit one film project to complete the 1-Week Filmmaking Workshop.

Dates & Tuition


Tuition: $1,713 (USD) +
Equipment Fee: $ent & Technology Fee: $141

Location & Available Dates

For New York City:
Feb 6, 2023 - Feb 11, 2023
May 8, 2023 - May 13, 2023
Jun 5, 2023 - Jun 10, 2023
Jul 10, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Aug 7, 2023 - Aug 12, 2023
Nov 6, 2023 - Nov 11, 2023

For Los Angeles:
Mar 6, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023
May 8, 2023 - May 13, 2023
Jun 12, 2023 - Jun 17, 2023
Jul 3, 2023 - Jul 8, 2023
Aug 7, 2023 - Aug 12, 2023
Sep 5, 2023 - Sep 10, 2023
Oct 2, 2023 - Oct 7, 2023

For Florence Italy:
Jul 23, 2023 - Jul 29, 2023
Jul 30, 2023 - Aug 5, 2023

For South Beach Florida:
Mar 6, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023
May 8, 2023 - May 13, 2023
Jul 10, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Sep 11, 2023 - Sep 16, 2023

Please note: Dates and Tuition are subject to change
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