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NYFA provides U.S. regionally accredited transcripts for study abroad students

New York Film Academy College of Visual & Performing Arts' International Division

Eligible students who study abroad at NYFA programs in Florence, Paris, Beijing, and Gold Coast have the opportunity to receive U.S. regionally accredited transcripts.*


Through the New York Film Academy's rich variety of intensive international programs and exciting locations, students form deep and lasting connections with societies and cultures around the world. The journey students embark on provides them the opportunity to learn about their new environment, integrate into another culture, and develop their own personal growth and identity through the exploration of the visual and performing arts. Ultimately, when enrolling in a study abroad program at NYFA, their experience will shape and change their lives for years to come.

NYFA’s wide variety of dynamic international locations and intensive visual and performing arts programs has placed us among the most popular programs for both U.S. study abroad students and international students from around the globe. Join us at any of our study abroad locations for a semester, academic year abroad, intersession, or summer program that suits your creative needs.

Martin Nikolov,
Acting for Film Study Abroad Student

Ryan Padilla and Eric Posey,
Filmmaking Study Abroad Students


NYFA’s Study Abroad Department is committed to providing the most hands-on visual and performing arts programs at premier locations worldwide. Through our innovative curriculum and philosophy of learning by doing, our study abroad and international students have the opportunity to form unique collaborations as they study under our world-class faculty of active industry professionals to develop real-world skills and create their own original work with state-of-the-art equipment.

NYFA’s study abroad programs are offered all over the world from NYFA’s Gold Coast, Australia campus to choice facilities in Florence, Italy; Paris, France; and Beijing, China. NYFA also runs occasional programs at additional satellite locations including Amsterdam, Netherlands and more.


NYFA’s international locations offer our signature intensive short-term programs in Filmmaking, Photography and Acting for Film, which range from one week to eight weeks to a 12-week semester. Program lengths and courses vary by location. Please view specific location pages for each location’s full offerings.

For students who want a longer study abroad and cultural immersion experience, we offer 12-Week Semester programs in Filmmaking and Acting for Film at our Florence, Italy and Gold Coast, Australia locations. Like all of NYFA’s programs, the 12-Week Semester is hands-on and intensive.

While both locations offer a similar curriculum, both offer a very different experience. In NYFA Florence, students are out in the historic Florentine streets and surrounding Tuscan areas filming and acting. Students will be inspired by the unique architecture and beautiful Tuscan scenery as they use these as a backdrop for their films and stories.

Students who study at NYFA Gold Coast get to utilize backlot space for production work on the famous Village Roadshow Studios, where films such as Unbroken and Pirates of the Caribbean have been filmed.

Commonly known as “beautiful one day, perfect the next”, Gold Coast has an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. The NYFA Gold Coast campus itself is located in Southport, which is the leading Educational and Creative Arts precinct of the Gold Coast and is in close proximity to the city’s beautiful beaches.


NYFA’s filmmaking and acting for film programs are valuable for not only actors and filmmakers of various levels, but also students who come from many different educational backgrounds as these programs develop proficiencies that are applicable in all aspects of academic study and for future professional pursuits.

NYFA’s international programs do not only consist of U.S. students, but also have many international students. This means that:
  • While English is the language of instruction, students will be working and learning with students from all over the world and integrate with local communities and its citizens for their film and acting projects
  • Studying abroad at NYFA provides a true cross-cultural and immersive educational experience


Any applicant that meets the application requirements for any of the New York Film Academy’s international locations (Florence, Paris, Beijing, and Gold Coast) will have the option to receive a regionally accredited transcript issued by Endicott College, offering transferability of credits after successfully completing their NYFA program.

To receive Endicott College transcripts, students must fulfill the requirements of the NYFA Study Abroad application, which includes proof of high school graduation and proof of identity. Students are required to receive a letter grade to be issued an Endicott College transcript. Endicott College transcription fees are in addition to tuition and housing costs. Credits are awarded in the following scale:

  • 1-Week Workshops Carry 1 Credit
  • 3-Week Workshops Carry 2 Credits
  • 4-Week Workshops Carry 3 Credits
  • 6-Week Workshops Carry 4 Credits
  • 8-Week Workshops Carry 6 Credits
  • 12-Week Semester Program Credits Vary by Subject & Location
Please click here to view NYFA’s Study Abroad Catalog. This offers more information on studying abroad for transferable credit and offers a full list of eligible international locations and programs as well as provides other important information.

The New York Film Academy is proudly affiliated with Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, which is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and is the school of record for NYFA’s international programs. Students studying at our programs in Florence, Paris, Beijing, and Gold Coast have the opportunity to receive transcripts issued by Endicott College offering transferability of credits to other regionally accredited institutions of higher education in the U.S.*


Applicants from other colleges and universities interested in NYFA’s international programs are required to meet with the financial aid office at their home institution for any financial aid eligibility questions. NYFA will provide the required information (authorized by the applicant) to their home institution for all financial aid eligibility.

There are also many external Study Abroad scholarships opportunities available. Here are a few that may be useful.

Contact us at or call us at +1-212-674-4300 for more information on current locations and programs, and be sure to ask about earning U.S. college credit through our exciting partnership with Endicott College

*This partnership excludes NYFA’s U.S. locations.
Please note: The New York Film Academy makes no representation that credits awarded by NYFA or Endicott College will be accepted or applied toward the completion of any degree or certificate by any other postsecondary institution. The acceptance of transfer credits is always governed by the receiving school.

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