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Hands-on Intensive 4-Week Avid Media Composer Workshop

A NYFA digital editing student in glasses and a tan sweater concentrates while working on her project in class. An over-the-shoulder view as a digital editing student leans on his hands, studying the screen of his computer in class. We see the screen of a digital editing student's ccomputer while she works on Avid software in class.

Hands-on Intensive 4-Week Avid Media Composer Workshop


The 4-Week Avid Media Composer Workshop was designed to serve the needs of students from a wide array of professional, personal and educational backgrounds. It is a full-time, intensive workshop that meets during the day. For students contemplating a longer-term education in editing, it is an excellent introduction to the field. This course gives students the necessary skills to edit with Media Composer and a theoretical toolset for approaching different projects.

The workshop explores theoretical and technical approaches to editing. Students are provided footage to edit various projects over the course: a music video, trailer, short documentary, and a short narrative scene. Each day consists of approximately two to three classes, including supervised lab time. Lab time is part of the schedule, and allows the students to utilize the skills they have acquired. At the end of the course students will have a completed demo reel, which will be a compilation of all of their work. They may also take an Avid Certified User exam.

Course Descriptions

Editing with Media Composer
Editing Theory
After Effects/Photoshop
DaVinci Resolve

Editing with Media Composer

This is the core class of the Avid Digital Editing Workshop. In daily meetings, students are instructed on the latest version of Avid Media Composer. Critical skills such as starting a project, making cuts, post-production workflow, sound design, media management, basic effects and other advanced skills are taught.
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Editing Theory

In Theory class, students explore picture editing and sound editing conventions and techniques. The instructor presents relevant movie scenes to the topic of class in order to facilitate discussion. Students analyze such things as mood, rhythm, coverage conventions, continuity, and film grammar.
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After Effects/Photoshop

During the last week of the course the students learn the basic tools of Adobe After-Effects and Photoshop. Filmmakers will encounter these two popular programs multiple times in their careers.
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DaVinci Resolve

Students are given an introduction to the color correction capabilities of this robust and groundbreaking color correction software.
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Dates & Tuition


Tuition: $4,171 (USD)< +
Equipment Fee: $nt & Technology Fee: $10 (USD)

Location & Available Dates

For New York City:
Jul 3, 2023 - Jul 29, 2023
Oct 9, 2023 - Nov 4, 2023

For Los Angeles:
Jun 12, 2023 - Jul 8, 2023
Sep 5, 2023 - Sep 30, 2023

Please note: Dates and Tuition are subject to change
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