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  • Broadcast Journalism Alumna Reporter for Sweden’s Expressen-TV

    These days, some of the most interesting TV news operations aren’t seen on conventional TV. Case in point, Expressen-TV. Expressen is one of Sweden’s most successful newspapers. But the future is digital, so the news operation has evolved into a cross-platform news service that is now challenging the dominance of traditional broadcasters. And even in Stockholm, much of the talk is about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Last week NYFA Broadcast Journalism students got an “insider” perspective of Expressen-TV from Emilie Olsson, a 2013 New York Film Academy graduate. After working with Swedish state broadcaster SVT and commercial outlet TV-4, Emilie is now a general assignment reporter at Expressen-TV.

    emilie olsson

    She shared with the students her career path since leaving NYFA, and described a typical day for a TV news reporter. She began her fascination for broadcast journalism as early as ten years old. On a two-day trip to New York City, Olsson stopped at NYFA to learn more about its Broadcast Journalism program. It wasn’t long until she was hooked and attending the 8-Week program.

    Emilie Olsson

    “During the 8 weeks I learned a lot about the camera, editing programs. It prepared be both technically and improving my language. It makes me feel like I can do interviews in New York. I like the motivation NYFA gives to students.”

    “If you’re from another country, NYFA will be a change for you,” added Olsson. “But don’t be worried. There are people from all different countries, and you learn from your own path. Enjoy it, and take advantage of your education as much as possible.”

    After class, she spent time talking informally with members of the class. Thanks for visiting NYFA, Emilie!

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  • Shanghai Media Group Joins NYFA Broadcast Journalism Class

    shanghai media

    The new term has barely begun, and already we have experienced one of the highlights of the semester. Recently a group of media executives and journalists from Shanghai visited the New York Film Academy. It is always interesting to share information with international colleagues, and it was especially rewarding to talk about the fundamental changes taking place in the field of Broadcast Journalism.


    “As someone who has worked extensively in China, it was fun for me to hear about some of the latest developments taking place in Shanghai,” said Broadcast Journalism Chair, Bill Einreinhofer.

    The group found the discussion about DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras the most interesting part of the presentation. DSLR cameras are symbolic of the dramatic impact digital technology is having on news gathering and reporting. We passed around several DSLR rigs, so that everyone had a chance to use the equipment.

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  • Broadcast Journalism School Updates for September ’16

    bill colli
    NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad, and Cox Media Washington correspondent, George Colli covered an important story over the past weekend. He spoke with the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Tom Frieden, about the failure of the U.S. Congress to provide funding for the ongoing fight against the Zika virus. The CDC and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have run out of money, and it could bring mosquito control efforts and vaccine research to a halt at the end of the month.
    Chiara Carcano

    Chiara Carcano

    Karina Gaudereto

    Karina Gaudereto

    On a far lighter note, NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Chiara Carcano is off on a worldwide adventure. She is one of the participants in Donnaventura, a hybrid Italian travel/adventure television series. Good luck, Kiki!

    While the Rio Olympics are now a memory, we just found out that one of our grads was working at the Broadcast Center. Karina Gaudereto was one of the brave Brazilians who came to NYFA in the middle of a cold, wet, dark New York winter. Congratulations, Karina.
    Broadcast Journalism students at GMA
    Finally, Good Morning America — ABC’s morning chat show — recently introduced a new set and a new format for the last half-hour of the program. But before they could take the show to air, they had to block out all of the camera angles and locations. A group of NYFA faculty and students came by to help play the role of “audience” during the rehearsals. Editing instructor Ed Parada took some still images of the occasion. He even took one of me! Which means, for you incoming students, you now will recognize me on Registration Day.

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  • Broadcast Journalism Update for Mid-August

    Investigative journalism is difficult. Not only do you have to uncover facts that some people (often many people) want to keep secret, but it can also be expensive. Committing limited resources to a story that may never see air is a bold move. Yet more and more U.S. TV stations are getting back into the investigative reporting business, and according to a recent article in the Washington Post, it could help save local TV news. That’s because unique stories like these differentiate a station from its many competitors, and are far beyond the scope of online aggregators and digital news platforms.

    Lynda Baquero

    Lynda Baquero

    We would be remiss if we didn’t mention NYFA graduate and award-winning investigative reporter George Colli. Colli mounted an amazing probe into how defective concrete resulted in the collapse of the foundations of hundreds, perhaps thousands of homes in Connecticut. While he is now a Washington, DC correspondent for Cox Media, NBC-Connecticut is still pursuing the story.

    We should also acknowledge WNBC reporter Lynda Baquero, who visited NYFA earlier this year. The station has built an entire consumer protection unit around her, and has pledged to investigate every consumer complaint that it receives.

    If you are a regular reader of these updates, you know we often discuss the impact of Vice Media. This time, however, we’re not talking about its business model. Instead, we want to emphasize just how adept they are at getting “the story behind the story.” In this case, it is a feature on how reporters (especially freelance reporters) learn basic combat first-aid before they venture into war zones. As the headline accurately states, it is the kind of training that could help them stay alive. Similarly, it might allow them to save the life of an injured colleague.

    On a far happier note, NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Gillian Kemmerer is down in Rio covering the Summer Olympics. As Asset TV looks at the world through the lens of business and finance, that means stories about ratings as much as gold medals.

    First weekend ratings fall short of podium from Asset TV US on Vimeo.

    Staying with the Olympics, the New York Times produced a fascinating hybrid-journalism story on American swimmer Ryan Lochte. (You know, the guy who is really sick and tired of being compared to Michael Phelps, and for good reason.) Part print report, part new media, part full motion video. It is a great example of how the lines separating different forms of journalism have blurred.

    Great to see NYFA alum Emilie Olsson’s latest story for TV Expresse/Nyheter in Sweden, even if it is about a guy who burned down his neighbors’ home while they were away…

    the helpmann awards
    NYFA graduate Bryanna Reynolds had a lot more fun covering The Helpmann Awards, where Australia’s outstanding stage performers are honored. And once again it was a “sister act,” with Bryanna doing the interviews and her sister Alaina Reynolds shooting. (But who did the editing, Bryanna?)
    Grace Shao

    Grace Shao

    Finally, following her graduation from the NYFA Broadcast Journalism summer session, Grace Shao is back in Beijing. She is in the process of completing her financial journalism Masters degree program at Tsinghua University. Once that is wrapped, she will be joining CCTV as a reporter/editor in their English language news unit. It’s a real accomplishment to land a job like this before completing a degree program. Grace says she learned a number new skills during her stay with us. 祝贺!  (Congratulations!)
  • Broadcast Journalism Alumni Highlights for August 2016

    It was an eventful week for New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism graduates. In Denmark, NYFA grad Celina Liv Danielsen has joined Nyheder TV2 as a journalist. She is working at the first 24-hour Danish news channel.
    NYFA grad Celina Liv Danielsen

    NYFA grad Celina Liv Danielsen

    “Celina is one of the hardest working students I have ever met,” said NYFA Broadcast Journalism Chair, Bill Einreinhofer. “Her personal credo is to ‘do your best, nothing less.’ And she is a fabulous writer. Congratulations, Celina!”
    NYFA grad Chiara Carcano

    Another of our grads, Chiara Carcano, was chosen to be one of the co-hosts of the 2016 edition of the Italian travel show Donnavventura. “Kiki” was selected from 180,000 contests, and starting on September 10th, she will be traveling the world for the next 100 days.

    Recent graduate Federica Polidoro explained that the series is “Amazons for the digital age.” (No, not an online marketplace, but the female warriors of classical literature.) She will be facing challenging and extreme conditions, and reporting her experiences to TV, radio and magazine audiences. Congratulations Kiki, and don’t forget to wear your NYFA t-shirt!

    Patricia Saad

    By this time you have likely seen at least some of the network coverage of the Rio Olympics. But Brazilian NYFA grad Patricia Saad is taking a very different approach, exploring the local implications and legacy of the Olympic Games.

    Take a look at Canal Ilumida. And that “walk and talk” she does in the introductory video… she learned how to do that at NYFA. Nice job, Patricia!

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  • NYFA News on the Scene with President Obama

    Earlier this year two of our Broadcast Journalism students — Alisa Rajkitkul and Urvashi Barua — became accredited White House reporters. This means they are entitled to attend any White House media events. Last week, they traveled to Warsaw to cover President Obama’s participation in the biennial NATO heads-of-state summit.
    warsaw nyfa news
    As far as we know, they are the first student journalists ever to accompany the President on an overseas trip. The team shot stories first in Poland and then Spain, for use on NYFA News, the program the 1-year Broadcast Journalism students produce.
    obama silence

    President Obama meets the global media, and reacts to the tragic events in Dallas where five law enforcement officers were killed.

    In addition to shooting stories for NYFA News they were also active on social media, including Snapchat. Stay tuned for more White House coverage from Urvashi and Alisa.

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  • NYFA Broadcast Journalism Students to Cover NATO Summit

    One of the biggest global stories this week is the biennial heads-of-state NATO conference taking place in Poland. With Britain’s pending exit from the European Union, and continuing tensions between NATO members and Russia, this summit has taken on added significance.

    And NYFA News is there!

    Yesterday Alisa Rajkitkul and Urvashi Barua left for Warsaw. Earlier this year, Urvashi and Alisa—thanks to hard work, superior reporting skills, and a bit of luck—were able to become accredited White House reporters. (That’s right, just like the correspondents from ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.)

    They were invited by the White House Press Office to travel to the NATO Summit, along with a Presidential visit to Spain on the way back to the United States.

    nyfa news

    Alisa Rajkitkul and Urvashi Barua

    As far as I know, this is the first time student journalists have ever traveled with the President of the United States as accredited reporters. It’s evidence of just how far the skills students learn in the New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism program can take them…

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  • Broadcast Journalism Grad Nour Idriss Hired by CBS News

    Nour Idriss, a recent NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduate, has been hired to work as a Broadcast Associate at the CBS Evening News.

    Nour came to NYFA to make a major career change. After being stranded in New York by the ongoing civil war in her homeland of Syria, she set out to “reinvent” herself as a broadcast journalist. Her goal was to learn skills that would allow her to be competitive in an always-challenging job environment.

    In addition to learning to report, shoot, write, narrate and edit, she also had the opportunity to network with the guest speakers who visit NYFA.

    In fact, it was one of those guests who encouraged Nour to apply for a job at CBS News.

    Congratulations to Nour on her new role at CBS News. We wish her nothing but the best of luck on her career as a broadcast journalist!

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  • Broadcast Journalism Alumni Highlights

    New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism graduate George Colli was on-the-scene in Orlando, for Cox Media, last week. His reports appeared on Fox 25 in Boston, Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, Fox 23 in Tulsa, News Center 7 in Dayton, Channel 9 Eyewitness News in Charlotte, Fox 13 in Memphis and KIRO 7 in Seattle.


    George Colli in Orlando

    Here, in his words, are what he was doing: “Very intense first 48 hours. The vigil last night seems to have lifted the air a little bit. Definitely a different intensity this morning. I’m on about four hours of sleep since Sunday morning, and approaching 90 live shots since 10pm Sunday. I’ve been doing double duty. Starting at 3:30a for morning shows right through the late shows.”


    Zack Baddorf has been pretty busy too. He is editing a cross-platform video project called Veterans Coming Home. In addition to being distributed digitally, these powerful stories will also be broadcast on PBS television stations across the country. His most recent video is about Jeff Hawkins, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, teaches kids to build their own projects at YMakers, a partnership between YMCA of San Francisco and the San Francisco VA Health System.

    Beyt Euro 1026

    If you are in Europe, or a big fan of soccer (OK… futbal), then you know that the eyes of the world are on Europe for Euro 2016. Our very own Beytullah Bayar, a graduate of the Fall 2013 1-year Broadcast Journalism program, is reporting on all the action for Turkish Radio and Television (TRT). As usual, Beyt has a tremendous tie to go along with his equally fashionable suit. Looking sharp there, Beyt!

    We end this week with a final “congratulations” to our most recent NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduates. And thanks to Joel Spector for capturing the final moments of their graduation ceremony. See it here…

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  • Broadcast Journalism June 2016 Recap

    Well, another week, another White House assignment for Alisa Rajkitkul and Urvashi Barua. This time it was the Indian Prime Minister appearing with President Barack Obama. Urvashi and Alisa, now “veteran” White House reporters, spent part of their time telling less experienced correspondents how things work there.

    white house

    This isn’t typical of the New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism experience. In fact, it isn’t typical of any school. These two have succeeded because of their dedication and hard work. We’re happy we gave them the skills to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

    The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are almost here, and our Brazilian graduates are especially busy. Flavia Renata Perez found an amazing background for a recent interview. Note that she is using a DSLR camera. Increasingly it is the camera of choice, especially in circumstances when you want to keep a low-profile.

    Flavia Renata Perez

    Flavia Renata Perez

    ​Meanwhile, NYFA grad Suzane de Oliveira was back at her college to talk with some current students there. Suzane works for Agence France Presse (AFP) in Rio, and isn’t going to be getting much sleep once the Olympics start. She is an exceptional role model. Here is a sample of her work:

    ​Many, many miles away in Georgia (“the country, not the state”) Broadcast Journalism graduate Marika Gamtsemlidze was taking advantage of her press pass to better enjoy a recent Maroon 5 concert. Does the lead singer really have “moves like Jagger,” Pupa?
    maroon 5

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