4 Week Filmmaking II Camp for Teens


Prerequisite: 3, 4 or 6-Week Filmmaking Camp
Please note: NYFA kids camps do not qualify as a prerequisite.

Take the Next Step as a Filmmaker

In the 4-Week Filmmaking II Camp for teens, students take the next creative and technical leap in their development as filmmakers. Each student will direct and edit a short film of approximately three to six minutes utilizing an advanced HD digital camera, grip, and sound package. This is an intensive camp meant to nurture passionate film students, and differs from the 6-Week Filmmaking II summer camp for teens only by the camp and the projects completed during the course.

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Prior to starting the camp, students must submit a short script of three to six pages that they will direct during the workshop. Scripts can include dialogue, although visual storytelling will be encouraged. This is a necessary requirement, as the development of the film starts during week one, and they must have a project ready to go!

Format and Classes

The focus of this filmmaking camp is to get students more extensive experience working with industry-standard equipment while advancing their understanding of filmmaking through hands-on classes in camera, lighting, sound, directing, and editing. Students will explore the possibilities of sync sound directing, and will provide them with invaluable experience for the direction of their individual projects. Advanced camera, sound, lighting, and grip equipment will be utilized extensively (a package that is even more professional and extensive than the solid, proven equipment used in our introductory programs). These new tools will help students advance both their technical and storytelling skills as filmmakers.

In Production Workshop classes, students will shoot camera and lighting tests, as well as a short scene to review the conventions of film coverage. During the third week of the course, students will enter production. Working in small crews with an instructor, each student will have one to two production days. When not directing, students rotate in the roles of director of photography, assistant camera, and sound operator. The final week of the program will be spent on digital editing and sound design. At the conclusion of the camp, students will celebrate with a final screening for cast, crew, family, and invited guests to view their original three to six minute film.

This camp demands a full-time commitment during class, as well as on evenings and weekends. Students in this camp may not be able to participate in all of the usual group trips and activities planned for our other teen film camps. When not in class or shooting film, students will be casting, creating storyboards, and rehearsing. For this reason this program is only for teenagers who are extremely serious about filmmaking.

Students should bring a hard drive of 500 GB or larger.

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Please note that curriculum, dates, and prices are open to change.