4-Week Film Camp II for Teens

Learn How To Write and Direct a Short Film

In the level-two, four-week film camp for teens, NYFA students who have completed a level one prerequisite can take the next creative and technical leap in their development as filmmakers and content creators. During this hands-on summer filmmaking camp, students aged 14-17 learn how to write and direct a short film, learning additional techniques, as well as the latest technology and software.

Program Description

Camp Name: 4-Week Filmmaking Camp II for Teens

Prerequisite: 12-Weekend, 3, 4 or 6-Week Filmmaking Camp

The four-week summer film camp is an intensive program meant to nurture passionate storytellers with existing knowledge of how to write and direct a short film. To attend, students must have completed a part-time twelve weekend camp or a full-time three, four or six-week teen filmmaking camp at NYFA. Prior to starting the camp, students must submit a short script of three to six pages they will direct during the workshop. Scripts can include dialogue. This is a necessary requirement, as the development of the film starts during week one, and students must have a project ready to go.

As all students start with an understanding of filmmaking, the focus of the camp is to learn additional tools and methods. Throughout the camp, students build upon their skills in screenwriting, camera, lighting, sound, directing, editing, and post-production techniques, and also learn how to direct actors. Students may also build knowledge in additional film disciplines, such as cinematography, producing, sound recording, and sound design. Students learn how to write and direct a short film of three to six minutes utilizing an advanced HDSLR digital camera, grip, and sound package.

We recommend that incoming film students bring a 1TB – 2TB HD hard drive for their work and project files. Students who successfully complete the camp are celebrated in a screening open to friends and family.

To learn more about NYFA’s teen camps, visit the NYFA Camp Brochure.


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