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Photography Workshops at the New York Film Academy

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Learn Expert Skills in a Matter of Weeks

Photography has grown from a niche profession to one of the most popular hobbies on the planet over the course of several decades. Although technological advances in film has given rise to a new generation of Spielbergs and Scorceses, all the more can be said for photography, as practically anyone with a phone can now fashion themselves the next Ansel Adams or Cindy Sherman. However, unlike other short-term workshops available around the country, the New York Film Academy’s photography workshops are designed not simply to educate students in the latest technique, but to produce photographers with wholly distinctive voices and points of view.

While photography has countless practitioners, the number of successful photographers is far less. In such a crowded and competitive field, an aspiring photographer needs to create images that can be distinctly identified as his or her own original creation. It is not simply a matter of taking a photograph of something no one has seen, nor is competency in one’s photographic abilities enough to truly make a photographer stand out. Rather, it is a matter of developing one’s own voice, eccentricities, and special effects to create imagery that is immediately identifiable as the work of a particular photographer. At the New York Film Academy’s photography workshops, students are encouraged to find the courage to be themselves through the images they take; to express what makes them unique and one-of-a-kind individuals, and have that reflected in their work.

A concert photo taken by photography workshops grad David Alvarado With the demands and changing expectations occurring within the photography industry, aspiring photographers face a very challenging career path. The photography workshops at the New York Film Academy’s Photography School not only educate students in the fundamentals of shooting still photographs and retouching them using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, they also serve as an excellent introduction to the many challenges and requirements students will encounter if they decide to pursue a career in photography.

What Sets Our Photography Workshops Apart

Unlike other short-term photography workshops, students enrolling in the New York Film Academy’s photography workshops can expect to fully immerse themselves in the practice, techniques, and history of photography through a combination of in-class lectures, demonstrations, and assignments in both the studio and in the field. Assignments out of the classroom come with the added benefit of being able to shoot photographs in some of the most exciting locations in the world, be it New York City, Los Angeles, South Beach, Florida, or Mumbai, India. Furthermore, the Film Academy’s global reputation attracts a diverse, multi-national body of students, something that past photography workshop graduates often cite as being one of the defining aspects of the program, as they are exposed not only to different aesthetic points of view, but can also see the role that culture plays in shaping one’s aesthetic, making for a learning experience that few photography workshops can assert.

In addition, photography students have the added benefit of having access to students at the other schools at the New York Film Academy, providing them with a vast number of collaborators across the Cinematography, Film, Producing, Screenwriting, and Acting Schools. In particular, for photography students in search of models for their projects, the Acting School is flush with willing subjects to feature in students’ photographs.

Faculty at the Photography School

Photography workshops chair Brian Dilg's image of a Turkish flag. Students have the added benefit of learning from faculty members who are working professionals across the many genres of photography. Instructors for the photography workshops come from a vast variety of backgrounds. Be it working with film or digital photography, commercial or fine art photography, they possess the professional experience and know-how to help students focus on the photography path that is of most interest to them. This provides students in the photography workshops with the unique chance to work with a diverse group of instructors, allowing students to engage with instructors who can relay their own personal experience to best prepare students to work in any facet of the photography business, from photojournalism to commercial work to dealing with curators, galleries, and book publishers.

Furthermore, faculty members are chosen not only for their photographic know-how and skills, but also their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge to students. In addition, by enrolling in a photography workshop at the New York Film Academy and studying under photography professionals, students also receive real world training in areas such as self-promotion and learn how to successfully run their own photography business. Finally, the faculty come with a large professional network of editors, publishers, clients, and curators who can pass along work information along to students who truly apply themselves and excel in the photography workshops.

Choosing the Right Workshops in Photography

The New York Film Academy’s photography workshops offer students a wholly unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the study of photography—be it our full-time four- and eight-week workshops or our part-time twelve-week evening workshop—living and breathing photography over the course of their workshop. In addition, by enrolling in one of the Photography School’s short-term photography workshops, aspiring photographers get the chance to dip their toes in the water, so to speak, and decide if photography is a profession that they truly want to follow, or a hobby they want to improve at. Either way, students can expect to learn more in a four-week intensive workshop at the Photography School than they could possibly teach themselves in a year. Students who are particularly motivated by their time spent in a photography workshop have the added option of transferring into a longer program to further develop their skills and business acumen.

  • Eight-Week Photography Workshop: The most immersive short-term photography workshop offered by the Photography School, students get the chance to explore the technical and aesthetic facets of photography with a focus on digital photography. From the first day of the workshop, students are placed behind the camera, learning the technical fundamentals and A child looks out a bus window in an image taken by photography workshops grad Evgeniya Melnikova artistic freedoms that they will develop over the course of eight weeks. Through a focus on digital photography, students will also become well-versed in the digital darkroom capabilities of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, from adjusting tone and color to creating wholly new images through the manipulation of multiple photographs. The hands-on workshop places equal emphasis on developing students’ creativity while treating each project as a coherent statement of artistic, documentary, and/or journalistic intent. Furthermore, students are taught the fundamentals of working with professional studio and location lighting and grip hardware, in addition to discovering and working with unconventional sources of light and shadow.
  • Four-Week Photography Workshop: Covering similar territory as the eight-week program, but in a more condensed period, students enrolling in the Four-Week Photography Workshop have the chance to explore the wide variety of photographic genres while receiving a fundamental education in the essentials of photography. Students enrolling in any of the workshops require no prior experience in photography as they are aimed at bringing everyone to the same level at an accelerated pace. The workshop is offered at our New York City, South Beach, Florida, and Mumbai, India locations.
  • Twelve-Week Evening Photography Workshop: Offered at our New York City campus and meeting three evenings a week from 7:00-9:30pm, in addition to two location shooting classes that might be held on weekends, students are able to gain an equivalent level of knowledge and experience compared to a more condensed full-time photography workshop. Students are taught foundational elements of photography through constant practice shooting, editing, and critique, in addition to learning the history and re-creating the work of masters across every genre of the medium. Upon completing the workshop, students will have a working knowledge of digital SLR cameras, lenses, and best exposure practices, experience with using existing and artificial light to create mood and visual style, digital darkroom skills using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, a working knowledge of the history of photography, and familiarity with both aesthetic theories of photography alongside their practical application across genres.
Regardless of the workshop one chooses, prospective students should expect to fully commit themselves to their coursework to get the most out of the New York Film Academy’s photography workshops and start on the path towards achieving their professional dreams.

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