4-Week Fashion Photography Workshop

Learn Fashion Photography at NYFA Los Angeles

The 4-Week Workshop in Fashion Photography in Los Angeles is an intensive exploration of fashion photography in the modern age. During our fashion photography workshop, students learn how to capture and refine great fashion images. As this program is designed for individuals of all photography backgrounds, it’s a great fit for beginners or aspiring photographers who wish to refresh their skills.

Workshop DescriptionWorkshop Name: 4-Week Photography Workshop: Focus on Fashion

In this dynamic photography workshop, students go behind the scenes to focus on the art of fashion photography, learning the latest tools and techniques. All students are required to bring a digital camera with manual exposure control.

NYFA also offers the possibility to learn photography from anywhere through a variety of online photography workshops.

To learn more about the 4-Week Fashion Photography Workshop: Focus on Fashion, see NYFA’s Course Catalog or request information.

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Class Details

History of Fashion Photography
Just as an artist must study art history, a photographer should have a working knowledge of the history of fashion photography. The practitioners who have gone before us developed themes, narratives, and iconic tropes that remain relevant today and consistently cycle back into style. Art directors and clients refer back to iconic moments in fashion photography when communicating their needs and expectations to the photographers they commission. It is important to understand the roots of the language in order to expand on the conversation. A review of prominent figures in fashion photography helps to develop students’ sense of storytelling, light, and style. Through examination of what’s gone before us, students will establish a context for current fashion related practices. Through lectures, research, and analysis, students incorporate an understanding of historical approaches to photographing fashion into their own process.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a successful shoot. In this class students brainstorm, visualize, and
storyboard their ideas so that everyone on their crew is on the same page. Students research and book models, design and hunt down needed props, wardrobe, and sets, sketch out lighting ideas and create mood boards. With the help of feedback from instructors and classmates students attend to all other details, large and small, to ensure they have all the tools they need on set for their shoots.

Fashion & Beauty Retouching
Editing, developing, and retouching are an integral part of creating the final image. Detail, aesthetics, personal taste, and restraint will be discussed and analyzed to help students reach their personal vision for their images. Practice and repetition are required for a competent understanding of the process. This course explores developing and retouching for the fashion and beauty image. In order to stay current with today’s standards, students will learn color correction, toning, and color grading as well as advanced methods of beauty and skin retouching. This class includes lecture, demonstration, and time for students to edit their own images under the guidance of expert faculty. Some prior knowledge or experience with post-processing is assumed.

Studio Practice
The practice of fashion photography at the professional level is a demanding and complex role. Photographers must combine technical fluency with creative intelligence and aesthetic awareness by developing a unique balance of science, technique, art, creativity, and performance. Fashion images are created in a time sensitive environment and in fast paced circumstances where the photographer must create on the spot results while working collaboratively with a team. Practice and experimentation is essential to the development of this uniquely challenging skill set. Every aspect of producing fashion images is broken down and practiced in a hands-on studio setting.

Fashion Location Shoot
Fashion imagery does not solely take place in the classroom. This is a unique, hands-on class in which students are able to feel what it is like to work on a set in an exciting location. Students implement skills learned in posing, lighting, and knowledge of fashion into their shooting days. Students apply techniques they have learned throughout the rest of the workshop.

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The 4-Week Fashion Photography Workshop: Focus on Fashion is a full time workshop. To learn more, request information.


This course requires the following software and equipment:

  • External hard drive (generally costs $30-$200)
  • An SD Card
  • Digital camera with manual exposure controls


Amina Zaher  

Amina Zaher

Fashion Photgrapher

Yumi Matsuo  

Yumi Matsuo


Imran Khan  

Imran Khan

Actor | Photographer



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Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.