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  • Spider-Man Joins The Marvel Cinematic Universe



    Spidey-senses are tingling everywhere: In some of the biggest news in comic-book movie history, Marvel announced this week that their signature character, Spider-Man, will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently inhabited by the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd. The film rights to Spider-Man are owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, famously disallowing a crossover between the web-slinger and the Avengers, whose film rights are still owned by Disney and Marvel.

    Sony will allow Spider-Man to appear in Marvel (i.e. Disney’s) films for a cut of the profits, though the rest of the deal is still up in speculation. Most assume Peter Parker will first appear in the second Captain America sequel, Civil War, out next summer, where he will join Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and new-to-screens superhero Black Panther.

    In league with Sony’s Amy Pascal and Marvel producer Kevin Feige, Sony will also produce a new Spider-Man stand-alone film, probably as soon as 2017, pushing back most Marvel films set to release after that six months each. What this means for Sony’s current Amazing Spider-Man series is unclear, though there is a good chance Andrew Garfield will not continue the role in the new series, and that the character will be facing its second reboot in five years.

    While there are rumors 20th Century Fox properties the X-Men and Fantastic Four will cross-over, there hasn’t been any talk about bringing those under the MCU umbrella as of yet. And, of course, there’s still no word on a new Hulk film.


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  • Sony Chair Amy Pascal Resigns After Sony Hack


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    When Sony was hacked late last year, thousands of emails between studio execs and movie stars were leaked, among other confidential files. One name that started to get a lot of press, despite being virtually unknown to people outside of the entertainment industry up to that point, was Amy Pascal. The co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment had worked relatively quietly in Hollywood for years, developing and overseeing the production of movies like Groundhog Day, Little Women, A League of Their Own, the Spider-Man films, the Daniel Craig Bond films, The Smurfs, The Da Vinci Code and its sequel, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball and The Social Network.

    Pascal’s emails became a prominent fixture in the Sony hack scandal. Some included disparaging remarks about Angelina Jolie, and a conversation about Barack Obama that has been called racist. Presumably to distance itself from the scandal and the surrounding bad press, it’s assumed by many that Sony forced Pascal to resign from her performance. However, she will remain with Sony in a different capacity, heading up a new “major production venture” for the company. Angelina Jolie will probably not be involved.


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