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  • Fan Creates Supercut of Batman in the Movies



    Just when Spider-Man thought he could hog up all the press, a fan-made supercut of Batman has managed to go viral this week. The cut focuses only on the many interpretations of Batman in cinema, from his earliest days as a superhero to present day.

    Batman debuted in Detective Comics #1, shortly after Superman first revolutionized comic-book superheroes. His first film adaptation came quickly, in 1943 with the serial Batman, featuring already iconic features like the Bat Cave. Its sequel, Batman and Robin, followed six years later. Batman didn’t return until its famously campy TV adaptation starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the Dynamic Duo, which eventually saw its own cinematic spin-off.

    In 1989, Tim Burton helped usher in the age of the modern multimedia blockbuster with Batman, a darker, edgier gothic take on the hero starring Michael Keaton. It doubled down on all those elements with Batman Returns. During the 90s, Batman also got an animated theatrical release with Mask of the Phantasm. Though hand-drawn, to this day the film still gets heaps of critical praise.

    Joel Schumacher took over the live-action franchise from Tim Burton, directing Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, increasingly campier efforts starring Val Kilmer and George Clooney, respectively. Christopher Nolan ushered in yet another darker reboot with The Dark Knight Trilogy, starring Christian Bale from 2005 to 2012.

    Of course, Bruce Wayne’s Hollywood legacy won’t end there. Ben Affleck will be starring as the Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman next year while Will Arnett’s scene-stealing Lego Batman is likely to get his own spin-off film. The goth metal loving version of the character also makes a cameo in Jacob T. Swinney’s supercut, which includes original film scores from the Batman films. Even if you’re not a big Batman fan, the video is worth a look just for its decade-spanning look at superhero cinema.

    Still no supercut of Hulk movies though.

    The Evolution of Batman in Cinema from Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo.


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  • ‘Strangers on a Train’ to Get a New Look


    strangers on a trainWhile there are always mixed feelings about remaking classic cinema, it’s certainly a plus knowing talent like Ben Affleck and David Fincher are attached to Warner’s newest venture, Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. The idea for the remake had been kicking around for some time, but after the box-office success of Gone Girl, the green-light was a no-brainer.

    The film will be produced by Affleck and Matt Damon’s Pearl Street under the title Strangers. Not only will the title get an facelift, the story will as well. Rather than taking place on a train, Affleck will play a movie star (not a far stretch for him) in the middle of an Oscar campaign during awards season. After his private plane breaks down, he is given a ride to Los Angeles on another plane by a wealthy stranger…cue the twist.

    Despite Affleck’s hectic schedule — directing and starring in the Dennis Lehane novel adaptation Live By Night in the spring and starring in Justice League in 2016 —  Strangers will be going the fast-track route.

    Given Fincher’s stellar filmography as a director with films like Fight Club, Seven, and Gone Girl, we’re anxious to see how well he’ll pull of the twist in this Hitchcock classic.


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