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  • Julie Pacino Producing Mary Pickford Biopic


    Mary Pickford is finally getting the Hollywood treatment from the Hollywood she helped to create. Pickford, the curly-haired ingénue considered cinema’s first “America’s Sweetheart” was a huge star in the silent era and early days of Hollywood.

    Pickford wasn’t just one of the first starlets of the silver screen—she was also a powerful force behind the camera. During her career, she co-founded two significant institutions. The first, with Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffith and her husband Douglas Fairbanks, was United Artists, a studio controlled by actors and filmmakers in an attempt to wrest power from the major studios. UA continues as a major producer to this day as part of MGM.

    Pickford’s other contribution was even greater—she was one of the original 36 co-founders of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the organizations of cinema’s professionals in all fields and provider of the annual Oscars. Pickford won two Academy Awards herself, a Best Actress Oscar for 1929’s Coquette and an honorary lifetime achievement Oscar in 1976.

    It’s no surprise then that her fascinating life is being made into a film, adapted from Eileen Whitfield’s biography Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood. The movie is being scripted by Josh Fagin and directed by Jennifer DeLia. DeLia is producing the film with Julie Pacino, a New York Film Academy graduate who co-founded Poverty Row Entertainment with DeLia. The two also collaborated on Billy Bates, the haunting look at a tortured artist. Pacino, the daughter of Al Pacino, is the perfect choice to tell the story of a Hollywood legend.


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  • Julie Pacino Brings ‘Billy Bates’ to Her Alma Mater

    Julie Pacino

    Producer Julie Pacino with writer & director Jennifer DeLia

    Following a summer run of the play Phoenix at the Cherry Lane Theatre in the West Village, Poverty Row Entertainment, founded by New York Film Academy Filmmaking graduate Julie Pacino, and Jennifer DeLia, went on a cross-country tour with their feature film Billy Bates. The tour held screenings at cities across the country and will conclude this upcoming week with screenings at the Quad Cinema in New York City. Prior to the Quad Cinema premiere tonight, we were privileged to have Julie return to her alma mater with writer / director Jennifer DeLia. Jen and Julie played gracious guest speakers as they presented their film along with moderator and NYFA Senior Director David Klein.

    The film dives deep into the mind of an enigmatic artist and the arduous, psychological madness that goes into his creative approach. Bates, played by actor James Wirt, faces some rather disturbing inner-demons. While this is not your standard narrative, the film serves its purpose through its kaleidoscopic cinematography and provocative documentary style.

    Billy Bates art

    This was Julie Pacino’s debut as a producer, with her only previous experience from her short film, Abracadabra. She attached herself to the film about two-thirds of the way into the project after being taken by Jennifer’s footage. With Julie’s filmmaking background and training, she figured why not get the full experience of producing a film by tackling the project head on. From there on, Julie was one of the few leading forces in getting this film completed and distributed — a task that could be very daunting for an independent production.

    “It’s essential to know all aspects of filmmaking,” said Julie Pacino. “I learned that in the short I directed. It’s just as important to know the business side as it is to knowing your actors and crew.”

    Indeed it was clear that the success of a production, especially with this particular one, has to do with collaboration and respect for the entire cast and crew.

    “As a director, it was important that I relate to all of the departments,” said writer and director Jennifer DeLia. “You realize that everyone, from actors to PA’s, should be treated the same — be humble — realize it’s a collaboration from everyone.”

    As a result of the team’s humble and ambitious efforts, independent film lovers across the country and around the world are able to see this film in theaters, as well as online distributors iTunes and Google Play.

    Poverty Row is now working on a feature based on the life of female silent film pioneer Mary Pickford, starring Lily Rabe, Julia Stiles, and Michael Pitt.



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  • NYFA Grad Julie Pacino Launches Unofficially Unlimited


    unofficially unlimited

    Former New York Film Academy student, Julie Pacino, co-founder of Poverty Row Entertainment, recently teamed up with Los Angeles based producer Chidem Alie (Samsung, BMW, Emotional Branding) to create content for brands. To kick off the launch, Poverty Row threw a party this past Friday at their NYC location in Chinatown. The celebratory event turned out to be a packed house that included actress Julia Stiles, who will star in their upcoming Mary Pickford biopic, The First.

    With over a decade of producing and branding experience working with world-class artists like David LaChapelle and brands like Puma, the new venture, Unofficially Unlimited promises cutting-edge advertising solutions for brands globally.

    Unofficially Unlimited is a creative content driven boutique that specializes in newborn brands that are just entering the realm of the living, as well as oldermore established brands that are looking for a rebirth or transformation. UU is all about smart, edgy, provocative, fresh, relevant, and artful content.

    “Our expertise is channeling your essence and delivering content that expresses the specific philosophy, feeling, allure, and authentic nature of your brand.”

    The partners at UU are collectively experienced in narrative storytelling, corporate and non-corporate advertising, high-concept events, and can function as image consultants, content producers, as well as marketing and branding specialists. Content can come in all shapes and sizes, be expressed in various mediums, and show across all platforms from theaters and television, to online channels and mobile devices, to billboards and street art.

    “The role we play within your journey is all about the needs and desires of the brand combined with a strategy that suits those specific needs.”


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  • NYFA Grad Julie Pacino Looking for Interns for Production Company


    Poverty RowFormer New York Film Academy student, Julie Pacino, is looking for creative interns for her Production Company, Poverty Row Entertainment. Poverty Row produces feature films, music videos and commercials from their location in New York City.

    “We are a serious, legit, and very busy producer team in need of an intern who can support us in the day to day, both logistically and creatively,” says Julia.

    Tasks include: management of schedules, running errands, and thinking creatively as they prepare to release their feature film and enter into pre-production on their next.

    A candidate is potentially, but not limited to, someone who is interested in and/or currently studying Marketing and Business Communications.

    Skills preferred: Photoshop, Adobe, Excel, blogging sites like Tumblr and WordPress.

    Logging receipts and some book keeping will be necessary, as well.

    It is important to understand that the work will not always be exciting, but it will be a fun environment as the company is for innovative independent filmmakers with a true passion for the business.

    The office is located in Chinatown, New York City and they are looking for someone with an open schedule that they can count on. There is no pay, but student credit can be discussed.

    If you’re interested, send your resume and cover letter to julie@povertyrowentertainment.com.


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  • Al Pacino’s Daughter Julie Premieres ‘Billy Bates’


    billy bates

    After forming her own production company, Poverty Row Entertainment, with writer/director Jennifer DeLia, New York native and New York Film Academy alum, Julie Pacino produced the feature film Billy Bates. The film will be premiering at the famous Sunshine Cinema on April 5th. Billy Bates is the story of a young damaged artist who faces his demons, and through perseverance rises from the ashes of a broken soul. Sticking with her roots, Julie’s independent feature was shot primarily in New York City. “I really think its a unique film experience that lends itself well to conversations about the different facets of the process,” says Julie.

    The film began as an expansion of Jennifer’s short film I Am An Island and gradually morphed into an exploration of the artist’s process. Billy’s journey is very parallel and at times intertwined with Jennifer’s journey. “This film is very much about art, as well as the psychology of the character,” adds Julie. “This film was quite organic and non-conventional in terms of how it came together.”

    When asked about the process of raising funds for an independent feature such as this, Julie had some great advice. “It’s important not to be afraid to discuss funding with anyone who may be a candidate, whether inside or outside the film industry. I find it also important to really believe in the content a filmmaker is working on, so that the passion is something investors can really get behind – since there really are no guarantees of a return. Offering investors an experience can be priceless. Transparency has also been key for us to in terms of relationship-building.”

    Julie is currently in talks with a couple companies, weighing options in terms of digital, VOD, and theatrical distribution. She is also producing another project with Jennifer called The First, which is the story of Hollywood pioneer and silent screen legend, Mary Pickford.

    Be sure to check out the premiere of Billy Bates this Friday, April 5th at Sunshine Cinema at 8:30pm.



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