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  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) Broadcast Journalism Update – May 6, 2019


    Life is never a simple, straight line progression. New York Film Academy (NYFA) grad and Austin, Texas resident Nicole Cross made tremendous progress following her graduation. Then, in response to a family crisis, the award-winning anchor/presenter left the TV industry altogether. But, as they used to say on American radio newscasts, “there is good news tonight.” Nicole wrote the following:

    When I stepped away from the tv industry for family reasons last year, I didn’t know if I’d return. Leaving a job I truly loved, turning down job offers outside of Austin to keep my kiddos stably in the same community/schools, patiently working behind the scenes until I was once again free to step in front of the camera.. it has indeed been a journey, but NOW I can officially announce that with best wishes from @kvuenews, I have accepted an offer from @spectrumnewsatx/ @spectrumnewssa to anchor newscasts AND host #InFocusTX, a 30-minute community and public affairs program that broadcasts in #Austin, #San Antonio, and #Waco. This is my dream job… To top that off, my boss is super supportive, my colleagues are top-notch, and the schedule is in perfect harmony with my family time. What I know for sure is that family is worth the sacrifice, balance is key, sometimes you have to pull back to spring forward, and you WILL win if you don’t quit.

    Nicole, we are all happy for you!Broadcast Journalism Update - May 6

    Students who study at New York Film Academy leave here with both a strong production skill set as well as lots of memories. One of the ways they demonstrate those memories is by referring back to their NYFA days online. Recently I was looking at the LinkedIn page of Laura Taglianetti, who is an Associate Producer with NBC News. And her profile picture dates back to her student days at NYFA. (I recognize the old-style “flag” on her microphone.)

    Thanks for remembering us, Laura!

    Recently I had the chance to travel to the other side of the world, to Kazakhstan in Central Asia. I was there to participate in a conference on digital storytelling, along with folks from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria.

    Broadcast Journalism Update - May 6

    Broadcast Journalism Update - May 6

    It was a fabulous opportunity to compare notes with international colleagues. I even got the chance to test out the news anchor/presenter’s seat at one of the major Kazakh TV channels. But I must admit, I had a bit of trouble reading the teleprompter copy…

    Broadcast Journalism Update - May 6Broadcast Journalism Update - May 6

  • Students Fighting Fake News, a Visit From CNBC Correspondent Leslie Picker, Reporting the Austin Bombing, and More From New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism School


    As everyone reading this email already knows, this is a challenging time to be a journalist, especially here in the United States. In fact, some have gone so far as to to term the current style of political discussion here as nothing short of “toxic” to democracy. Marketwatch posted a fascinating story last week on one of the unexpected results of the battle over “fake news”: Journalism schools in the United States have seen a noticeable increase in the number of students attending. This growth in enrollment seems to be driven by a sense of duty, as well as a belief that there are a growing number of career opportunities for those studying journalism. is always a good read. Last week they posted an article on how 45 newspaper writers and editors in Slovakia, in response to their paper being taken over by a local oligarch, started their own “paper” … only this publication is primarily digital, but it still has a physical presence. And instead of outsourcing news coverage — as many sites do — they outsourced the business-side of the enterprise. That way they could devote their time to what they know best — journalism. Fascinating story…

    A big thank you to CNBC correspondent Leslie Picker, who was kind enough to take time out her busy schedule to meet with some of the NYFA Broadcast Journalism students. Her detailed description of her own personal career arc taught our students that the process is never easy, but is full of potential. She also told them “the story behind the story” of an award-winning investigation she reported for CNBC. She’s a great role model, and a fabulous communicator. Thanks, Leslie!

    CNBC Correspondent Leslie Picker visits the New York Film Academy.

    NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduate Nicole Cross admitted mixed feelings last Wednesday, when police in Austin, Texas, apprehended the suspect in a series of bombings. The suspect chose to blow himself up, rather than be captured. Nicole reports for KVUE in Austin, and has been following the story (along with her colleagues) from the start. And while the bombings now appear the be over, the story certainly isn’t…

    Former NYFA student Daniella Gemignani reported a complex story last week on how agriculture represents one-third of Brazil’s GDP. (I know that thanks to Google translate.) It’s the kind of story that isn’t easy to visualize. It also involves figuring out complicated economic, business and technological concepts. And then there are the cows … another great job, Daniella!

    Abiola Jinadu traveled a long way, from Nigeria to New York City, so she could study at NYFA. Smart, inquisitive, hardworking, and personable, she has a lot going for her. She writes, via LinkedIn:

    I create and produce content for a living. Folio Communications PLC was my first client this year and I produce content for their online platform – Miss Nigeria TV. 
    Congratulations, Abiola!
    The Broadcast Journalism Update will be on hiatus of the next two weeks. It is Spring Break at NYFA, and I am using it as an opportunity to travel to Vietnam for a feature film project I am consulting on. It is something of an irony that last week I was shoveling snow, and this week I will be looking for places to cool-off. It is the first U.S.-Vietnam-China co-production I have ever participated in, and it promises to be challenging. Any project involving three languages is, by definition, challenging…
  • April 2017 Broadcast Journalism Alumni News


    Nicole CrossThe New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism Department has more exciting news regarding its alumni.

    Nicole Cross snagged four Associated Press Louisiana awards recently, including Best Daytime Newscast and Achievement. Nicole came to NYFA to begin a total career change, and she treated class time and project assignments as if they were a “job,” tackling everything with discipline, thoroughness and passion. She even made her way to Washington, DC so that she had stand-ups shot there for her Resume Reel.

    Christian Good arrived at NYFA fresh from a degree program in law enforcement. The Toronto Police Department’s loss was our gain. Upon graduation, Christian started building his freelance career as a multimedia journalist. Most recently, he has been traveling the world. He’s working with fashion designer and writer Marcia Sherrill. This past week we found out the two of them were “rolling in rupees” in New Delhi.

    Chritian Goode and Marcia Sherrill in New Dehli
    Prior to enrolling at NYFA, Akeem Holmes received a BA in Communications and Media Studies from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. (He was an outstanding basketball player there too.) Now Akeem is taking the skills he learned at NYFA and returning to his alma mater, where he is building a digital media team to cover the Randolph-Macon sports program. He is training students from the Filmmaking and Journalism programs how to make sports stories that are engaging, exciting and fun.

    That’s Akeem back in his student days, waiting to shoot a talk show segment utilizing a green screen effect to create a “virtual set.” He’s with classmates Kecia Gayle (center) and Maia Walker (left).

    NYFA News green screen

    Finally, congratulations to Spring 2017 8-Week Workshop grad Lizzie Yang, who is working as a full-time freelance Production Assistance at Lincoln Square Productions. “I bet you are familiar with it, but it’s a production company under ABC News. Even though (for now) my contract would only last until the project I’m assigned to is finished, hopefully I can jump onto other projects while I am here and continue working. I am assigned to a 2-hour long documentary production about the last 100 days of Princess Diana, since it’s the 20th anniversary of her death in 1997.”

    Congrats to all of these fine Broadcast Journalism alumni!


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  • Broadcast Journalism: January Spotlight


    Last week was a big one in Washington, DC as President Obama gave his final State of the Union speech. And just steps away, New York Film Academy graduate George Colli was set-up to interview members of Congress for Cox Media.

    state of the union

    President Obama went on-the-road in an effort to take his message directly to the American public. And waiting at his first stop—Baton Rouge, Louisiana—was NYFA grad Nicole Cross. Nicole is a news anchor at KNOE in Monroe, Louisiana. The station is seen is portions of three states: Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi; so her morning news program is called Good Morning Arklamiss.

    nicole cross

    Nicole Cross waiting for the President

    That same day, NYFA grad Mariam Shalikashvilli,  a correspondent in Georgia (the country, not the state), was covering Flag Day activities in the Georgian capital of Tblisii.

    Mariam Shalikashvilli

    Finally, alum Emilie Olsson has begun working for Swedish public TV network SVT. SVT is the largest, and most prestigious, network in Sweden. Emilie learned how to report, shoot and edit at NYFA, and is now working as a multimedia journalist.

    Emilie Olsson

    Emilie Olsson


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  • Nontraditional Students Welcome in NYFA Broadcast Journalism Program

    Dr. Nicole Cross

    Dr. Nicole Cross

    The Broadcast Journalism program at New York Film Academy attracts students from across the United States and around the world. Some are practicing journalists in their home countries, others recent college graduates looking for the digital production skills necessary to stand out in a competitive job market.

    But some students come to NYFA in preparation for a total career change. One of those students was Dr. Nicole Cross, a practicing psychologist from Texas. Having gained initial media experience as a guest and host on programs in her hometown of Houston, Nicole decided the time was right to change careers. Her goal was to become nothing less than an outstanding digital journalist.

    NYFA’s 8-Week Broadcast Journalism program offered exactly the kind of intensive training Nicole was looking for. Our “hands-on” emphasis gave her a chance to first learn, and then practice skills essential for success.

    At first her news stories were a bit rough, as was her on-camera reporting. Still, that’s to be expected of someone just starting out. Over the following weeks, we gave her guidance and support. Eventually she became not only a proficient reporter, but was comfortable both shooting and editing her own stories.

    Nicole used world famous New York City landmarks as backdrops for her stand-ups. As a result, her stories looked like they were shot for a major market newscast. Times Square, the United Nations, Central Park, Manhattan’s fashionable Soho district… They are all included on her resume reel. She even took a day trip to Washington, DC where she assembled with other news crews to cover President Barack Obama’s Veteran’s Day address at Arlington National Cemetery.

    Nicole’s determination, mixed with the NYFA Broadcast Journalism curriculum, has given her a shot at success as a digital journalist. One veteran network news producer looked at her reel and concluded it could immediately get her a job in a small to medium TV market.

    We are proud to help our students acquire and sharpen the skills that will help them reach their career goals. Whether those goals encompass hard news, sports, entertainment or fashion, the abilities they learn at NYFA will make them and their work distinctive.

    -Bill Einreinhofer, Chair of Broadcast Journalism

    For more information on NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism Programs, visit here.


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